Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trend Review: Harem Pants

Excuse me, but is this a freaking joke?! At what point are pants with dropped crotches fashionable, beyond the cold, hard fact that they are inappropriately weird?
I get that regular pants (i.e., those that do not make you appear that your Depends need changing) can get a bit boring, especially since flourescent Bongos went out in the 90s, but that is why we have skirts, people.
This trend is not permitted on anyone within a 3,000 mile radius of me or anyone else with eyes. These are just beyond disgusting.
No, no- you may NOT wear them in khaki instead of your straight-leg capris. And they do not become acceptable just because you happen to find the one pair that isn't cropped. On what planet do women want their crotches to look longer and wider?
I saw a size zero woman wearing these today and I couldn't keep from starting at that train wreck. After I recovered from my need to give her a sandwich (size zero is tiny, people), I wanted to buy her self-esteem classes so she didn't feel like such a trend whore.


IndoorJew said...

Holy crap those are ugly. The first person I see wearing them not only gets a picture sent to Glamour, but they might get puked on. I'm just warning people now. Also, while I agree that fushia snake is bad, the more expensive ones are a tad less hideous...mostly because the style makes them look less like tranny shoes.

Kim said...

When I was about 5, my favorite pajamas were my harem PJs, and I must say, they were fabulous and I looked adorable in them, and the crotch wasn't even close to as droopy as these! Note - I was 5 and they were PAJAMAs. So, unless you actually are part of a harem, or they are the little girl PJ variety, these are not OK.