Friday, August 27, 2010

Shoes I'm Eying, Shoes I'm Spying

I spy, with my little eye, some footwear I am loving for fall...

Like these Aldo Demar peep toes. That side detail is awesome.  And these are only $80.

These two tone flats are a cute, feminine take on the menswear, oxford trend.

These boots are the perfect red and the button detail is fab.

I MAY have already bought these.  Oops.

Are you planning on getting new flats, pumps or boots this season?

Next shoe review: thoughts on the latest lace up boots, over the knee boots, and short boots.  It's boots time, people!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Check out Shoeper Woman's pics of the Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition.  Her creations may not be super wearable, but damn, are they fun to look at.

Printastic! Medals & Ribbons & Trophies

This is the Highest Accolades Dress:

This is the Award-winning Tee:

This is the Distinguished Skirt:

And this is a more subtle take on things, the Medal Intersia Knit:

Medal & trophy print: pro or con?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shop This Place: Madewell

I've heard of Madewell, as the name gets tossed around in a few magazines, but never checked it out before.  The look seems like a mix of J Crew, American Apparel, Urban, and Calvin Klein (price-wise and style-wise) to me... And right now, there's free shipping with orders of $100 or more.

LOVE this studded leather, double wrap bracelet:
This skirt is flirty and fun:

And I'm not gonna lie to ya- I really want this sequined blazer:

What do you think?  Anyone ever shopped here before?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Handbag of the Day: Leather Flap Crossbody

This is the Fossil Vintage Reissue Flap Crossbody bag.  It's $148, and comes in three other fall and winter-appropriate neutrals.  I like it for everyday and for the weekend and I can't resist that key detail!

What's the Diff?

Another Anthro v. Mod Cloth face off:

This is the One After Another Cardigan.  It's $49.95 at Anthro.  It also comes in black.

This is the Be the First to Tier Cardigan.  It's $52.99 at Mod Cloth.

Both are ruffled in the front, both are neutral colors, both are cotton.  Given the color differences and the placement of the ruffles, I'd go with the Anthro cardi.  Plus, it's the less expensive of the two. You?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Printastic! Turtles

This is the Slow and Steady Cardigan:

And this is the Slow and Steady Watch Ring:

It's $24.99 at ModCloth and $28 at Urban.

Turtles: pro or con?

I Called This A Year Ago...

But it's nice to have confirmation of being SO FREAKING RIGHT.

Those stupid "leg toning" shoes are total BS.  And now there are articles to prove it.

Check out the American Council on Exercise's study on this over-marketed, hyped up crap.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Mod Cloth Sweater Picks

Obviously, I love Anthro.  And their sweaters are usually fabulous.  But I get that their prices aren't for everyone (including me, sometimes).  Here are some (under $60!) Anthro-inspired picks from Mod Cloth to tide you over until payday...

The Recipe Card-igan ($54.99):

The Sunnyledge Cardigan ($49.99):

Aaaaaand the Ruffle My Roses Cardigan ($41.99):

What's the Diff?

This is the Van Wrinkle Sweater.  It's $98 at Anthro.

This is the Nightfall Cardigan.  It's $79.99 at Mod Cloth.  

Yeah, the colors are different, and the ruffles vary somewhat.  But really?  They look pretty damn close to me.

The Anthro sweater is wool, so for another $9, I'd get that one.  But if you don't like or need wool, the one from Mod Cloth is cotton/poly blend, so would be pretty versatile.  Although I'd hold out for both to go on sale if you can...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Handbag of the Day: Leather Satchel

This is the Fossil Vintage Reissue Satchel for $178.  Not only are satchels hot for fall this year, they are also pretty useful.  This one has a great shape, a fun key-from-the-olden-days detail, and looks like a fab color for the season.

Shop This Place: Lucie Lu

Today's Shop This Place entry is Lucie Lu Plus Size Design Boutique.

I hear a lot from women who want to wear the same clothes as everyone else, just in a larger size.  This shop seems a good answer to that request, and nothing is over $100.  In fact, most of what I saw isn't over $50.

Here are my faves:

The Margeaux Dress (comes in several colors and is a flattering faux wrap style):

The Frankie Dress: (I swear I saw this exact same dress at Nordstrom recently)

The Ardis Dress (would be great with tights and boots):

The Dresden Jacket:

If you check out the site, let me know what you find!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Letter

Dear Macy's,

I registered for several wedding gifts at your store because you happen to be a national retailer of several items I feel I cannot live without.  Namely, the Dyson and a fancy espresso maker.  Never mind that I don't vacuum or drink coffee, I'm sure I can find others to make good use of such items.

When I registered for these things, I was added to your email list.  Since then, I have received no fewer than 37 million emails each week offering discounts on items I either have or have not registered for, as well as encouragement to tell my guests that they can save a certain % off the gifts I have requested.

Now, I'm not going to lie and say I don't really want any of the swag on the registry.  But I'm not quite sure what you mean for me to do about the sale and special offers.  Am I supposed to forward them to my guests with a little note saying "Just in case you want to buy us something!"?  Or perhaps I am supposed to post the sales on our wedding site?  Surely you don't expect me to call people with the exciting news that they could be taking advantage of 25% off plus free shipping if they just act now?

It occurs to me that maybe you think I will just buy the stuff for myself.  Not to be a brat, but why would I do that when someone else might get it for me?  Do you think, perhaps, that is what a wedding registry is for?

I also must add that the registry process in person is the slowest, most obnoxious experience ever.  My consultant (we'll call her Daffy) was beyond meticulous.  Daffy encouraged us not to add or alter anything online, but we should go through her for everything.  But here's the thing: she took FOREVER.  I could have added 4 times the number of items to my registry in the time it took her to set everything up.  Why the HELL would I consider going back for more?

Also, the stuff people typically register for was on like 4 different floors.  That's inconvenient and beyond annoying, in case you were wondering.

Today's email, titled "Bonus Soup Bowl Event + Free Shipping - the savings continue" made me wonder if the end of the world was drawing near.

First of all, whoever is in charge of naming these sales is obviously a total douche.  I'm not an expert on overpriced crap people don't need in their kitchens or dining rooms, but I'm guessing that getting a free soup bowl doesn't rise to the level of an "event".

Second, I am pretty much over the emails generally.  The first thing I receive from you on a Monday morning should not be a message telling me, yet again, to ask people to buy me stuff.

Third, is it really necessary to inform me about sales on stuff I didn't even register for?  Surely there is a way to link my registry to the items that go on sale so at the very least I am only being informed about stuff I actually told you I want?

No?  Too hard?  Well, then why don't we just call it quits.  I'm sick of you cluttering up my inbox with meaningless drivel and I'm sure you don't want to catch wind of the badmouthing of you that I've been doing since I registered.

You may consider this my "unsubscribe" request.  Hopefully it takes you less than 6 months to process it.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shop This Place: Miss Me

If you are bored of what's in your closet and know that shopping in the same 3 places is only going to net you more of the same, the best thing to do is to try new store. 

Frankly, I love Banana, Anthro, and Nordstrom, but I could use a breath of fresh air.

So my new feature, Shop This Place, is aimed at introducing sites and stores you may not already know about.  I hope to keep the relative price points accessible and avoid the likes of F21, H&M, Zara, at Target, not because they don't have fun pieces at great prices, but because most of us are already all too familiar with them.

Today's place is one I read about in Lucky Mag: Miss Me

The dress selection is awesome and nothing is over $100.  Here are a few I love:

Chevron Silk Dress:

Silk Sequin Shoulder Dress:

Decorative Seam Dress:

This may be my favorite- Mod Dress:

The pieces look special, but aren't over-priced.  And they all feel modern to me. This place is now on my list for fun dresses.

Do you have a place that's even a tiny bit off the well-worn shopping path?  Please let me know in the comments and I will check it out and review it here.

Printastic! Horse Print

I was never one of those girls in love with horses.  They always seemed stinky and a little frightening in their size. 

These pieces make me think of those girls in elementary school who always had a horse on SOMEthing- a notebook, a backpack, their t-shirt...

Their shorts:

Their dress:

Their sweater:

And their other dress:

Are you pro or con horse print?

Street Urchin Top at Anthro

Look, everyone! Les Mis has a clothing line!  Now we can all look like street urchins. 

Seriously, I'm pretty sure Cosette is wearing this the familiar Emile Bayard picture.

Either that, or it's the Providence Top at Anthropologie for $58.  The product description says that the "frayed and asymmetrical trim" give the piece a "natural, handmade feel."   I'm guessing it's sort of what it feels like to sew random pieces of ratty crap together in an fugly non-color and call it a "top."

And no, it's not any better in another color.