Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"You're a homeowner now- they do things in shorts."

...so sayeth my snarky li'l sis.  And she is right. 

Because where I live now?  Is HOT.  Not warm, not balmy, not yay-I-don't-need-a-jacket.  HOT. AS BALLS. 

Enter: The Great Shorts Debate.

Since leaving Florida, I have been a staunch Shorts Opponent.  They are flattering on few, can be replaced with a skirt or dress easily, they look like you are on safari, blah blah blah.  Li'l sis, also a Shorts Opponent, understands the issue and flatly refuses to wear them, even in the Chicago summer.  Speaking of hot.

But it's hot here.  And I running errands and unpacking and wandering around the garden and breaking down boxes.  I have been doing all of these things in a dress.  And that just isn't practical or decent, considering I almost flashed the Comcast guys like 8 times yesterday.

So, I found myself reaching for shorts this AM.  I scrounged up an old school pair- faded navy blue from Banana.  They look exactly how I expected them to look: hideous, bland, and suburban soccer mom (apologies to actual soccer moms who are much more stylish than the world gives you credit for).

The shorts landscape has changed, however.  If you have eyes, you have seen them all over the place, in more cuts and patterns than ever before.  You have seen shorts with tights and boots (still HATING IT). You have seen sweet little lacy numbers.  You have seen scalloped edges.  With all of this variety, couldn't I find at ONE acceptable pair?

The short (ha!) answer is yes.  I won't bore you with the details of the extensive searching I have done, and continue today.  These are what I ordered today from Anthro, with hopes high that I might find 1 or 2 pairs elsewhere to round out a summer collection:

Compass Points Shorts ($68):

Ship Shape Shorts ($68):

Yes, yes, they have vaguely nautical references.  At least I didn't get these Smooth Sailor Shorts ($54.99):

Though I love them dearly.

And yes, I broke the shopping ban.  These aren't even my cheat items.  Sigh.

Don't get me wrong- I am not a Shorts Convert exactly.  More of a Shorts Agnostic- ready to see what's out there, hopefully with an open mind.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving Week

It's moving week! I will be back soon...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's the Diff? Doormat Edition

This got dirt? doormat is $24.99 at Coco Mats N More.
This got dirt? doormat is $9.97 at Wal-Mart. 

What's the diff besides the colors?  Well, the Coco mat is made from 100% natural coir fiber and the Wal-Mart version...is, too.  They are both 18"x30".  Both have a non-slip backing.  Soooo, it looks like aside from the aesthetics, they are pretty damn similar. 

Except that, for an extra $15.02 + shipping, I don't have to support Wal-Mart. And that's enough for me!

No, Moving is Not an Excuse to Look Crazy

Moving day is fast approaching.  Up to this point, S and I have been bringing over the smaller, breakable stuff on our own.  Which means multiple trips up and down the stairs, across the bay, and into the new place.  And so I have to contemplate what to wear for each day of moving, all while knowing I could run into new neighbors at any time. 

Here are a few things I keep in mind when moving:

1. Sleeveless is my friend.  Just because it's cool in one place doesn't mean it's not hot as hell in the other. 

2.  Ditto dark jeans.  After pulling, pushing, and dragging two 8x11 rugs up from the backyard and into the new house (which includes some stairs), I no longer believe my light wash trouser jeans were my best choice.

3. Not my friend?  Low rise jeans.  Too much bending down to ensure I'm not flashing a neighbor at all times.

4.  Ditto my giant handbag.  I love her, but damn, she's annoying to carry everywhere when my hands are full of 20 other things.

5. Since I refuse to wear sneakers when not deliberately exercising, flats are a no-brainer.  Have you ever tried to haul stuff in (even very low) wedges?  Don't.

6. Make up isn't even kind of an option when I am all gross, so I can at least have my hair not look insane. It takes less time (for me, at least) to deal with my hair than make up, anyway.

7. No jewelry that could even possibly get in the way!  I learned this the hard way by wearing a giant cocktail ring while trying to drag a rug in.  Never.  Again.

That's it for now- round 438 is about to begin.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Shopping Ban

My May Shopping Ban was a success!  Not only did I BARELY cheat (for the -too-good-to-pass-up Kate Spade wallet; for 3 pink tees from Old Navy for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day; and a sweet little belt for $15.50), but I started to think a lot more rationally about what I was buying and why.  Before I added anything to my virtual cart, I was forced to stop and think.  Which apparently I wasn't doing much before. 

And no, I am not counting my Stella & Dot jewelry because I earned all my pieces for free by hosting a trunk show and the two things I did purchase were for someone else.

Because the May ban was such a success for me, I am continuing the ban in June.  Same rules, one guilt-free cheat item.  This time, I most likely will actually get the red patent leather pointy toed flats I have been eyeing.

My clothes/shoes/bags/jewelry shopping ban is in part because I am trying to cut back my unnecessary spending and be more conscientious about what I buy, but also because I am officially a homeowner now.  And yes, I want to buy house stuff.  Lots of it.  I hope you'll pardon me when a decorating item or six sneaks into my posts now and then, like the What's The Diff post from yesterday...

Did you do the May ban?  How was it for you?  Would you consider doing it again?