Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dressember: Let's Do It!

Dressember, noun.  Wherein participants wear a dress every day in December. 

Ok, it's unlikely I will wear my wedding dress this month, but I do like this idea. 

A good friend pointed out that I will likely be cold, since this is being done in a typically chilly month (thanks, Fri!).  But that's where the challenge comes in- tights and boots, jackets and sweaters will all have to worked in.

Like the Brown Dress Project and the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge, I admire and am interested in those projects that challenge us to dress more creatively and encourage us to use what we already own.

I will likely add skirts to my Dressember challenge, not because I don't have enough dresses, but because there will be occasions (flying to Montana, professional events) when I will need the flexibility of two pieces. 

I will document much of my efforts here.  So, here I go. 

More details in blyth hill's post.  There's also a Facebook group; it's helpfully called Dressember.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

GIFT WATCH 2010: For the ladies

Ah, the holidays and the resplendent, and often daunting shopping it can require.

I don't know about you, but I will be taking advantage of the free shipping and other discounts retailers are throwing at us in desperation.  Nordstrom, Anthropologie, J Crew, Banana Republic- they are just a few of the places courting your business this season.  And by courting, I mean Making A Play For Your Moolah.  Frankly, anything that keeps me out of the stores bustling with tourists and harried professionals works for me.  So online shopping it will be.

Here's some Stuff For The Ladies On Your List:

1. (Cute) Earmuffs:

WANT. Yeah, yeah, they are $65 earmuffs.  So sue me.

2. (Sweet) Coasters: 

These are only $20.

3. (Statement) Earrings:

Skip the dainty studs and try something bolder. These Be Dazzled earrings are $95.

4. (Fun little) Clutch:

People, this thing is $18.  You can splurge and get one for yourself. Comes in two other colors.

5. (Fabulous) Cocktail Ring:

This is $80.  And SWEET.

6. (Party-ready) Necklace:

This Rhinestone Mesh Necklace is only $34 and it will go with everything holiday.

7. (Snuggly but pretty) Jammies:

These are sateen PJs for $64.

8. (Cozy as hell) Robe:

This one is $98 and on my Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice list.

9. (Chic) Ornament or Garland:

The Many Mittens Garland is $40; the Winter Lutz Ornament is $12.

10. (Fly) Kitchen Gadgets and/or Knives:

This set is $78.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

GIFT WATCH 2010 Handbag of the Day: Sequined Box Clutch

I love this Steven by Steve Madden Sequined Box Clutch. It's $88 and also comes in pink and black.  If this doesn't get the girly girl on your list excited, I don't know what will.

Squirrel Sweaters - A Sign of the Apocalypse?

When I saw this Squirrel Sweater at Anthro, I thought the end of the world was drawing nigh:

I thought the animal trend was bad enough- cats, dogs, bunnies, horses, birds (ok, I love the birds).  But the woodland creature thing? 

The Fawn-a Studies Top:

I don't know.  Deer on my clothes?

The Buck-ingham Forest Cardigan:

The From Dusk Till Fawn Top:

So when I saw a SECOND squirrel sweater (ok, it's a hoodie, whatever), my suspicions were confirmed.

The prints are getting out of control.  Just wait until the zoo animals start infiltrating. 


It's too late.

And don't worry, this little number is $268.   

Printastic! Bow Print

I think a bow print runs the risk of looking juvenile, no matter where or how you wear it.

For example...

Flying Bow-lo Sweater:

Bow with What You Know Dress:

Friendly Reminder Dress:

School Girl Crush Dress:

And the Merci Bow-coup Cardigan:

Even on just an accessory, a bow print doesn't really redeem itself...

Pieces Bow Scarf:

Making it casual with a tee doesn't help, either...

Wild Fox Black Bow Tee-Shirt:

Are you pro or con bow print?

Shop This Place: EmersonMade

I don't remember where I discovered EmersonMade.

The line is not extensive, but the limited selection gives the site a well-curated feel.  And the fun, sometimes snarky, descriptions make the site entertaining to browse.

Here's what I love right now:

The Emerson Clutch, which is sold out right now.  It's $218.

The Pockets Skirt in rhubarb.  It's $148.

The White and Ivory Flower Chain.  It's $125, and looks summery, but also appropriate for fall, somehow.

What's the Diff? Necklace Edition

This is the Chunky Layered Metal Necklace at Charlotte Russe.  It's $12.50.

This is the Hive and Honey Multi Chain Torsad.  It's on sale for $34.99.

This is the Hive and Honey Statement Necklace.  It's $68.

Obviously, these are all different pieces.  But the Charlotte Russe option looks like a combo of the Hive and Honey pieces, and frankly, I don't think it looks that much less expensive than the pricier ones.  The only that kills the cheaper necklace for me are the dangly bits of chain. Makes the piece seem unfinished or beat up.  Which do you prefer?