Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dressember: Let's Do It!

Dressember, noun.  Wherein participants wear a dress every day in December. 

Ok, it's unlikely I will wear my wedding dress this month, but I do like this idea. 

A good friend pointed out that I will likely be cold, since this is being done in a typically chilly month (thanks, Fri!).  But that's where the challenge comes in- tights and boots, jackets and sweaters will all have to worked in.

Like the Brown Dress Project and the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge, I admire and am interested in those projects that challenge us to dress more creatively and encourage us to use what we already own.

I will likely add skirts to my Dressember challenge, not because I don't have enough dresses, but because there will be occasions (flying to Montana, professional events) when I will need the flexibility of two pieces. 

I will document much of my efforts here.  So, here I go. 

More details in blyth hill's post.  There's also a Facebook group; it's helpfully called Dressember.

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