Friday, February 26, 2010

Handbags of the Day: Clutches, Clutches, Everywhere

Yep, still on my Clutches Are Awesome kick.

This is the Jessica McClintock Rosette Kisslock Frame Clutch.  It's $58 and comes in fuchsia and turquoise.  Delicious!

This Kate Spade 'eaton square wallet was clearly meant to be carried as a clutch, because the outrageously large bow is so fun.  It's $195 and such a classic color combo.

This Gianni Chiarini pleated leather clutch comes in 4 colors; the banana looks the most fun.  It's $98.

If you are into pastels this spring, this Nordstrom Large Ruched Flap clutch will work well with your wardrobe.  It comes in celery, nude, dusk and rose and is $88.  Check out the dusk for maximum versatility; the celery will also be surprising useful, I think.

The Boyfriend Jean and How to Work It

The boyfriend jean can be your friend (it's comfy! casual! perfectly slouchy!) or just a hideous mess.

Here's what I advise:
1. Get a fairly dark wash.  It slims and elongates and the jean is already baggy- no need to add more visual volume.

2.  Do not buy a size up.  Buy your actual size.  The waist should fit well and not slide down your arse.  And the crotch should not be at your knees.

3. Capri/cropped bf jeans = short & stubby.  If that's what you're going for, great.  Otherwise, avoid at all costs.  Baggy & short is just dumpy looking, period. The rolled hem should stop at or just above your ankle.

4.  These are fab for running errands or a casual brunch.  But unless you are built like Kate Moss, you aren't going to be able to pull these off for evening or anything even close to fancy.  And no, adding a sequined tank and 4 inch stilettos doesn't make them evening appropriate.

5.  Speaking of stilettos, these jeans do look best with heels, but they can also work well with ballet or other cute flats.  By "cute flats" I do NOT mean flip flops, Crocs, Uggs, Converse All Stars, or your scruffy Nikes.  The idea here is to stay as streamlined and sleek with your accessories as possible, to balance the bagginess and volume of the jeans.

6.  On top, what you wear should be either a) feminine, or b) slim fitting.  Feminine floral blouse?  Check.  Slim tee with a scarf?  Check.  If you wear something too wide or baggy on top, you will not only look much bigger than you are, your shape will be entirely lost.

7. This is the time to pull out your prissiest bag. You can carry pretty much any bag you want with these jeans, but if you have something over the top frilly, this is a great pair of jeans to carry it off.  The bf jean is just a touch masculine, so your flouncy floral bag with rosettes is no problemo.

How are you wearing your bf jeans?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Handbag of the Day: Baby Bag

Today's handbag is in honor of several of my friends who have just had- or are about to have- babies.  This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Little Tate tote.  It's $168 and looks like a great tote for lugging around baby stuff in style.  I could be wrong about this, as I don't have kids, but it seems like all the outside and inside pockets would be useful and the bright color would just be fun.

Rehearsal Dress!

I'm pretty sure I've found my rehearsal dress.  This is the Baby Grandeur Dress from ModCloth and I'm pretty much in love with it.  It looks cute, comfy, flattering, and a little sexy.  Plus, I will be obvious as the bride and why wouldn't I want that? Now I just have to find the awesome shoes...

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Jewelry Find

If this gold rosette cluster necklace wasn't $375, it would be mine already. 
This triple knotted lavender and gold necklace is $238 and I am contemplating ways to make it mine, ALL MINE, WHA-HAHAHAHAHAHA.

As it turns out, I have a crush on Nicole Romano- or at least on her jewelry.  You can check out her other pieces at Max and Chloe

Handbag of the Day: Black & White Cross-body

This bag is too good for me to keep it from you.  It's the Kate Spade Kirk bag on sale for $199.99.  The color combo is timeless, the shape and size are perfectly proportioned, and the patent leather trim and button detail give it just a little interest.  Love!

Post V-Day Post

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day supporter.  But I do support the wearing of non-obnoxious hearts (in limited, tasteful quantities) and pretty much all things red.  So, this list of fun heart/red stuff is just COINCIDENTLY being posted the day after what HAPPENS to be a day when many people wear hearts and red.  Because frankly, they are fun to wear regardless of what day it happens to be.
Loving this fun red wrap bracelet.  It's $63 and looks like something I'd wear every weekend.
This button heart ring is $98, but if you love hearts on your jewelry, it's something you could wear all time.  As much as I don't want to admit it, some of the Coach jewelry right now is pretty sweet.
The Kate Spade Genny pump is a fabulous way to wear wear and hearts.  (Yeah, yeah, I have featured these shoes before; I am clearly obsessed.  They came in black and an amazing eggplant on Zappos and are now entirely sold out, so if you love these, I recommend snapping them up at Nordstrom while you can.)

This heart cuff is only $14.99 and is a little silly but also really fun.  I can see it with a tee and jeans or a flirty dress.
And to round out the round up, here's a pair of flats with a little bit of attitude. They are $56 and come in 3 color combos on Zappos and 1 other on ModCloth.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Handbags of the Day

Yeah, so there are two today.  You'll live.
This is the JPK Paris Pleated Satchel, and while I can totally imagine myself skipping gaily across the Seine while carrying it, I can also see this being a great every day work bag or travel bag here in these Unites States.  It's $198 an comes in 8 colors.  I'm partial to the bag in straw, which provides a nice contrast for the leather trim.
This Hobo Valentina clutch wallet is $148, comes in 5 colors, and I WANT IT. IN EVERY COLOR.  Since that's not going to happen, I will be obsessing over it in coral.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Pieces, 3 Outfits; Where's My Cookie?

I've read a lot of shopping advice about how you should only buy new pieces that go with three things you already own, blah blah blah.  I'm down for avoiding impulse purchases whenever possible, but there are times when I buy something and have to justify it after the card has been swiped, and I'm assuming I'm not the only one...

In the interest of having at least one constructive post every so often (I HAVE been a TEENY bit rant-y lately), I am discussing my new top and belt, which, as I will demonstrate, are supremely versatile.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs top is cute and SO comfy on its own, but with this lambskin belt, it is also flattering and even somewhat sophisticated.

I plan to wear them together with:

1.  Denim Leggings...
Top + belt + denim leggings + flats = casual weekend look

2.  Skinny jeans
Top + belt + skinny jeans + fun heels = night out look

3.  Pencil Skirt
Top + belt + pencil skirt + sleek heels = work look

Not to mention the BAJILLION (is too a word!) other tops and dresses I can wear the belt with...

I'm willing to bet you already have something similar (long(er) top + fun belt) in your closet with which you can do the above.

Now where's my damn cookie?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks, Alexander McQueen

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that Alexander McQueen was found dead and it was probably suicide.  When I heard the news this morning I was shocked and saddened.  When someone that creative and good at what they do dies, the world is a little worse off for it.

So, thank you Alexander McQueen.  You made fashion fun, quirky, weird, and wonderful. Just the way it should be.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What's the Diff?

This is a new feature wherein I talk about whether there's really a difference between a designer piece and its identical knock off.  Feel free to send me pieces to chat about.

First up: Some satin evening shoes.
This is The Real Thing: Stuart Weitzman Gigritz "evening sandal" for $298.
This is The Big Fake: VANELi Madora pump for $99.95.

What's the diff?  Well, besides the heel, which is slightly more tapered on the Stuart, not a damn thing.  I don't have a preference between the two, since I really can't tell them apart.  If I were getting a pair, I'd probably get the cheaper version, as long as they are comfortable.  For one thing, they are so light, they will show the slightest wear.  So if I'm gonna trash a pair of shoes, I'd rather it not be a $300 pair.


Designer Dis: Why Sergio, WHY?

This is Sergio Rossi's satin pump sneaker

You heard right. 

It's $620.  It has a WHITE RUBBER HEEL.

Fabulous.  Fan-FREAKING-tastic.  I love the idea of paying $620 for rubber and butt ugliness.

Sergio, you suck.  And the next time I hear the words "pump" and "sneaker" together, I am going to lose it.

Designer Dis: Manolo, What the Eff?

Just because SJP & Co. wear Manolos does not mean that any one in their RIGHT MIND would even consider wearing something called a "Sneaker Slingback."

This abomination is $785.  It is described lovingly in the Neiman catalogue as a "blue denim and white leather lace-up pump."

Let's just stop right there and discuss what's wrong with this statement, mmmkay?  Denim belongs nowhere NEAR any shoe over $30.  And a lace-up pump?  Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?! And any shoe whose description- and exact likeness- I could just as easily find at Payless isn't getting more than $24.99 from me.  And these wouldn't get a dime- to say they are hideous would be such a gross understatement and I don't want to insult you.

Let's just say that Manolo is going to have to do something pretty damn spectacular to win me back. 

(Thanks, SNevins, for smuggling me the Neiman catalogue and pointing out this revolting excuse for a shoe.)

Handbag of the Day: Leather Shoulder Bag

This is the Chocolate Spritz Bag.  It's $178, is a beautiful brown, and has a fun personality.  The reviews on the Anthro site are pretty glowing, too, should you need to be swayed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Handbag of the Day: Leather Zip Clutch

This leather zip clutch from Top Shop is making me itchy to click the Add to Bag button on the site.  It's around $80 and comes in grey and black.  It appeals to my inner rock star, I'm not gonna lie.

There are ton of awesome clutches on this site, so if you do decide to check it out, beware...

Product Review: SoleMates

Sweet.  There IS hope for the ol' Heels Sinking Into Grass problem.

SoleMates look like a pretty good idea to me.  Since I haven't tried them (yet), I can't give you a real review.  I CAN tell you they are the only thing I've seen so far that gives me hope that my bridesmaids aren't going to have to wear wedges. And that I'm not going to have to have a damn wooden aisle built over the grass.