Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Pieces, 3 Outfits; Where's My Cookie?

I've read a lot of shopping advice about how you should only buy new pieces that go with three things you already own, blah blah blah.  I'm down for avoiding impulse purchases whenever possible, but there are times when I buy something and have to justify it after the card has been swiped, and I'm assuming I'm not the only one...

In the interest of having at least one constructive post every so often (I HAVE been a TEENY bit rant-y lately), I am discussing my new top and belt, which, as I will demonstrate, are supremely versatile.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs top is cute and SO comfy on its own, but with this lambskin belt, it is also flattering and even somewhat sophisticated.

I plan to wear them together with:

1.  Denim Leggings...
Top + belt + denim leggings + flats = casual weekend look

2.  Skinny jeans
Top + belt + skinny jeans + fun heels = night out look

3.  Pencil Skirt
Top + belt + pencil skirt + sleek heels = work look

Not to mention the BAJILLION (is too a word!) other tops and dresses I can wear the belt with...

I'm willing to bet you already have something similar (long(er) top + fun belt) in your closet with which you can do the above.

Now where's my damn cookie?

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