Friday, February 26, 2010

The Boyfriend Jean and How to Work It

The boyfriend jean can be your friend (it's comfy! casual! perfectly slouchy!) or just a hideous mess.

Here's what I advise:
1. Get a fairly dark wash.  It slims and elongates and the jean is already baggy- no need to add more visual volume.

2.  Do not buy a size up.  Buy your actual size.  The waist should fit well and not slide down your arse.  And the crotch should not be at your knees.

3. Capri/cropped bf jeans = short & stubby.  If that's what you're going for, great.  Otherwise, avoid at all costs.  Baggy & short is just dumpy looking, period. The rolled hem should stop at or just above your ankle.

4.  These are fab for running errands or a casual brunch.  But unless you are built like Kate Moss, you aren't going to be able to pull these off for evening or anything even close to fancy.  And no, adding a sequined tank and 4 inch stilettos doesn't make them evening appropriate.

5.  Speaking of stilettos, these jeans do look best with heels, but they can also work well with ballet or other cute flats.  By "cute flats" I do NOT mean flip flops, Crocs, Uggs, Converse All Stars, or your scruffy Nikes.  The idea here is to stay as streamlined and sleek with your accessories as possible, to balance the bagginess and volume of the jeans.

6.  On top, what you wear should be either a) feminine, or b) slim fitting.  Feminine floral blouse?  Check.  Slim tee with a scarf?  Check.  If you wear something too wide or baggy on top, you will not only look much bigger than you are, your shape will be entirely lost.

7. This is the time to pull out your prissiest bag. You can carry pretty much any bag you want with these jeans, but if you have something over the top frilly, this is a great pair of jeans to carry it off.  The bf jean is just a touch masculine, so your flouncy floral bag with rosettes is no problemo.

How are you wearing your bf jeans?

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