Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Handbag of the Day: Leather Satchel

This is the 100 Reasons Why Satchel.  It's $199 at ModCloth.  If ever there was a type of handbag that would benefit from a few feminine details, it's a brown leather satchel.  This one has a sweet bow hardware detail and daintier size that balance the typical ruggedness of this kind of bag.  This one is leather, has a ton of pockets, and two straps, making it appear pretty study and functional, too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter/Passover/Earth Day Bunnies

I don't do Easter- I am more of a Passover girl myself- but I do like a bunny.  There are several bunny items felt I must share with you on this Day of Bunnies.

Here's what I actually wore today:

Mango's Blouson Jamon:

If you click the link, you can see a zoom on the image to see the blue bunnies.

Here are some other fun bunny items...

Every Bunny Gather Round Cardigan:

My favorite.  Just the right amount of kitsch.  Want.

This one is also adorable, but it's no longer available:

Here's a Yumi Black Bunny Frill dress:
In black and white, it feels less cutesy than it might otherwise be.

Funny Bunny Post Earrings:

If only my ears were pierced...

Crystal Bunny Ring:
I do love a ridiculous animal ring. So here's another one:
And for an If Only piece (this necklace is $3,500):

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things That Should Be Exinct: Flesh Belts

Urban Dictionary defines a flesh belt as "The fat roll hanging over a girl's low rider jeans, while wearing a belly shirt."

I am not making a comment on one's possession of belly fat; I happen to have plenty of it myself.  But showing your stomach in public is mostly just gross and inappropriate regardless of whether you are sporting six pack abs or not.  A flesh belt makes you look like you can't dress yourself because your clothes clearly don't fit.  If you look sloppy and not put together, a lot of people are going to assume you are a not-put-together-person generally and treat you accordingly. 

And I call bullshit on anyone who claims they "don't care."

Beaches and pools aside, I think most of us can agree that belly buttons aren't the cutest on adults, hmmm?

So imagine my dismay morbid curiosity mild interest when I saw a woman at the gym the other day wearing a REALLY TIGHT tank and EVEN TIGHTER bike shorts, accessorized with her (fairly prominent) flesh belt.  Um, she hadn't even starting exercising yet.  I was scared of a teeny bit curious about when she started stretching.

First of all, wasn't she cold?  And second, can't she just wear a shirt that covers her entire torso?  I was worried for her health and her closet. 

I get that many people don't want to spend a lot on gym clothes- they aren't supposed to be glamorous or even necessarily that flattering.  But they are supposed to cover you and be relatively comfortable.  As this woman is a mom (she brought her son in for babysitting while she worked out), she probably doesn't have a ton of time to spend on shopping for herself. 

People, I have an inexpensive and convenient solution: the tall section at Old Navy or the Gap. 

I buy plain cotton tees from the tall section, rather than the regular section.  They fit the same, only they are longer.  They are cheap, especially on sale, and there's an Old Navy and/or Gap in almost every town. Even if you don't have one, the internet is for more than just porn, people.  Harness it for your gym clothing needs.

The Old Navy Perfect Tee above is $6 and comes in 12 colors.

Viola! Tummy coverage on the cheap.

Let the flesh belt go extinct.  Pretty please. And don't get me started on the (different) woman not wearing a proper sports bra during spin class.  I though she was going to put an eye out with those things.

What's the Diff? The Obvious Differences Edition

As you may have heard, I am obsessed with a certain pair of $360 See by Chloe sandals.  Here they are in black:

[insert doe eyes here] SIGH.

As you may also have heard, I am searching for a cheaper alternative until an extra $360 for season-specific shoes drops in my lap (though I think Nordstrom has them for $345...).  After days of meticulously combing my sources, I haven't found much that suits, but I did just stumble upon these:

They also come in bone, giving me a decent alternative for spring and summer.  Like the See by Chloes, they have a platform, a slingback with a buckle, and scallop details that look sweet but not over the top frilly.  These are obviously not a copy, but they do have a similar vibe.  But they lack the chunky heel that I love on the See by Chloe version, and this kind of slingback will slide right off my heel making these cute but impossible (for me) to wear.

So, they aren't the solution to my expensive sandal-craving problem.

But they are getting there, which gives me hope that something else exists, just waiting for my discovery and purchase.  Ideally in real leather and under $150, obviously.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's the Diff? Orange Floral Blouse Edition

This is the Blazing Blouse.  It is $98 at Anthropologie.

This is the Theater Company Top.  It's $124.99 at ModCloth.

They are both orange floral tops with almost identical color schemes.  They are both silk.  Anthro's version has slightly bigger flowers and ModCloth's clearly has some contrasting floral details on top. They look damn close to me. 

But no, they are obviously not the exact same top.  So for an extra $27, I's thinking ModCloth's version must offer SOMEthing extra.  Yep, it features this little number on the back:

Whoa.  Not awesome.  ModCloth calls this little vision of craziness the "knit columns" that "frame" the "edgy, exposed zipper at its back."  Um, no.

If I had to choose, I'd go with the Anthro version.  They tend to have more women's sizing (versus juniors sizing- hello, do I look 14?!) and I like the simpler, larger print that seems less busy.  ModCloth's version has too much going on, like they are trying too hard. 

Printastic! Butterflies

Continuing with the animals-on-everything theme in fashion right now, there are a lot of butterfly prints around.  Here are just a few...

Dawn Visitors Top ($47.99):

This would work well with a pencil skirt or high waisted slim cut pants or skinny jeans.

Butterfly Top ($79.90):

If you are into colored denim or the preppy, bright shorts that are everywhere right now, this would look fab with those.

Enchanting Entomologist Dress ($219.99):

Steep for a trendy, one or two season dress, but could be worth it if you have several showers or other warm weather parties to attend.

 Peplum Detail Top ($39):

A somewhat more graphic take on this print. There are two dresses with this print, too: find the maxi here and the sash dress here.

Printed Body top ($69.90):

Another cute, colorful option.

Butterfly top ($39.90):

Black and white with a ruffled sleeve detail? Yes, please.  More black and white options at Zara here and here.

There are more abstract versions, too...

But these particular versions will cost you $550, $1,135, and $660, respectively.

Maternity wear is in on it, too- this halter maxi dress is $104.90 and also comes in a top.

And, of course, accessories like handbags and scarves are not immune to the trend, either...

Brilliant Butterfly Scarf ($19.99):

Fossil Leather Wristlet ($40):

Are you pro or con butterfly print?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scalloped Details Under $100

I have been seeing countless pieces with scalloped details.  These details are cute and flirty and feminine without (mostly) being too precious.   Here are some sweet pieces, which, as a bonus, are under $100 each:

Smooth Sailor Shorts ($54.99):

As much as I tend to dislike shorts and a kitschy boat print, I kind of love these styled with a white button down and red or navy flats.

Eyelet Trench Coat ($89):

Also comes in cream, which I prefer.  Cute trench for spring.

Scallop Edge Dress ($71.72):

This would be perfect for a day time event with flats and clutch.

Scallop Detail Shift Dress ($62.76):

Also comes in "coral" which looks mocha to me.  I like that it has sleeves, which many dresses this season don't have.

Scalloped Tiered Strapless Dress ($76):

Scallops for evening!

Layered Scallop Mesh Skirt ($36.90):

I don't wear minis anymore, but this would be awesome if you can get away with it.  Comes in two other colors.

Fitzwell Isabella ($75):

These are a fin way to add a little touch of this detail to your outfits.  Also come in 3 other colors.

Vince Camuto Quest Pumps ($71.20):

A sleek, sophisticated nod to the trend in a ridiculously fun color.

Will you be wearing scallop details this spring and summer?

These are sold out.

I had these bike shorts/cropped legging things when I was 10.  I remember them distinctly, because I loved wearing them with an oversized tee with some sort of wild print, fastened with a plastic clip on the side so the white lace would peek out from underneath.  I was def rocking a side ponytail, too.  I think I thought I was Madonna.

That was 1989. 

And yet, these are SOLD OUT. In 2011.

The word gross doesn't begin to describe what I think of these.

Sure, ModCloth is touting them as underwear, to "save you in case of any unannounced Monroe moments!", but we all know that with the resurgence of 80s fashion (I use that term loosely) and a plethora of idiots, these will be worn as pants or shorts, with all kinds of arse hanging out.

I shudder at the prospective sight.  I think we can safely add these to the list of Clothing That Should Never Have Been Created Let Alone Sold, along with scrunchies, Uggs, and Crocs, hmmm?

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Purchase! Kate Moss for Longchamp Clutch

I would be remiss if I didn't share with you my Vegas purchase.

I happened upon my amazing handbag while helping li'l sis select her Longchamp tote for spring and summer.  We found it:
(Isn't it cute and fun and cheerful?)

But the very first thing I saw when I stepped into the store was this:
This is one of the limited edition designs from Kate Moss for Longchamp. (You can view the entire Neo Patch design collection here.)

This was a gut reaction, people.  I saw it and fell hard.  The color combo gives it a vaguely 70s vibe, the detailed craftsmanship was evident, and it was in a glass case, like a beacon of richness and sophistication in a sea of bright florals and preppy totes.

(For the record, I'm not knocking the Longchamp classics; I have one myself and love it.)

But it wasn't JUST an impulse purchase.  I also considered how I'd use it and with what.  It's the perfect size for a clutch, because it will actually hold a phone, lipstick, keys, etc.  And I can use it for day or evening.  And frankly, it will go with so much of my wardrobe it's not even funny. 

And so it came home with me and my Vegas hangover.  Now I'm off to take a 10-12 hour nap.

Handbag of the Day: Bryna Nicole

I died a little when I saw this on Piperlime:

The Bryna Nicole Lock It Up Bay bag is one of the coolest and edgiest (yes, I said it) bags I have ever seen on Piperlime.  It's basically the perfect weekend cross body.  Distressed leather for a worn in, relaxed, I've-been-carrying-this-around-forever vibe; lock detail that serves no purpose except to look vintage-y and cool; long strap for slinging it over your shoulder to free your hands at brunch/the farmer's market/shoe shopping.  

It's $128 and also comes in a (fabulous) yellow stingray version:

Frocking Friday: April 15

Here is what I wore to see Ka in Vegas:

Outfit Details: Dress: Max & Co.; Heels: Stuart Weitzman

Dress it up: Add more jewelry (I was wearing a huge cocktail ring, on the other hand, but you can see it)

Dress it down:  Switch heels for flats, throw on cardi or leather jacket

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shoe Obsession: See by Chloe Sandals

So, I saw these and may or may not have gasped.  Out loud. 

For me, these are the perfect spring and summer shoe.  The color and shape will go with everything from skirts and dresses to shorts and wide leg jeans.  They have feminine details (hellooooo cute scallop details!) but are balanced by a substantial platform and heel. And with an adjustable ankle strap, the slingback might not even be a deal breaker.

They are over $300.  I am not saying I haven't spend that on shoes.  But such expense is usually reserved for longer term, multi-season shoes, like fantastic- but basic- black boots. 

A less expensive knock off is an option, should anything suitably similar exist.

The Budget Babe found a fairly similar look for less at Forever 21, at least for the black version:

I appreciate where she is going, but I am not convinced.  To me, the F21 version looks agressive, not sweet, and they lack the simplicity that makes the originals so versatile.


So my obsession with the original continues, until I stumble upon an extra $360 to make them mine or I find a suitable alternative. 

Outfit of the Day: Shocking, A Bird Dress

Surprise!  It's a bird print dress.

Outfit Details: Dress: eShakti (find it here); Shoes: Target (find them here); Ring: NYLightMetals.

Dress it up: Add cardigan and belt; switch flats for heels.

Dress it down: Throw leather jacket over it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Not Friday, but I'm Frocking

Wore this during my last week of work:

Outfit Details: Dress: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Shades: Kate Spade

Dress it up: add statement jewelry like necklace and cocktail ring or cuff, switch day bag for clutch

Dress it down: throw on leather jacket

Frocking Friday: April 1

Since I have no idea what number I am on, I am listing the date with my FF posts.  Here's what I wore on my last day at work:

Outfit details: Dress: Anthropologie (yep, it has pockets); Belt: Nordstrom; Shoes: Steve Madden; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Sunglass: Kate Spade

Dress it up: Throw on cardi, switch flats for heels, add jewelry

Dress it down: Take off belt?  This is damn casual already.