Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's the Diff? Orange Floral Blouse Edition

This is the Blazing Blouse.  It is $98 at Anthropologie.

This is the Theater Company Top.  It's $124.99 at ModCloth.

They are both orange floral tops with almost identical color schemes.  They are both silk.  Anthro's version has slightly bigger flowers and ModCloth's clearly has some contrasting floral details on top. They look damn close to me. 

But no, they are obviously not the exact same top.  So for an extra $27, I's thinking ModCloth's version must offer SOMEthing extra.  Yep, it features this little number on the back:

Whoa.  Not awesome.  ModCloth calls this little vision of craziness the "knit columns" that "frame" the "edgy, exposed zipper at its back."  Um, no.

If I had to choose, I'd go with the Anthro version.  They tend to have more women's sizing (versus juniors sizing- hello, do I look 14?!) and I like the simpler, larger print that seems less busy.  ModCloth's version has too much going on, like they are trying too hard. 

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