Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shoe Obsession: See by Chloe Sandals

So, I saw these and may or may not have gasped.  Out loud. 

For me, these are the perfect spring and summer shoe.  The color and shape will go with everything from skirts and dresses to shorts and wide leg jeans.  They have feminine details (hellooooo cute scallop details!) but are balanced by a substantial platform and heel. And with an adjustable ankle strap, the slingback might not even be a deal breaker.

They are over $300.  I am not saying I haven't spend that on shoes.  But such expense is usually reserved for longer term, multi-season shoes, like fantastic- but basic- black boots. 

A less expensive knock off is an option, should anything suitably similar exist.

The Budget Babe found a fairly similar look for less at Forever 21, at least for the black version:

I appreciate where she is going, but I am not convinced.  To me, the F21 version looks agressive, not sweet, and they lack the simplicity that makes the originals so versatile.


So my obsession with the original continues, until I stumble upon an extra $360 to make them mine or I find a suitable alternative. 

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