Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things That Should Be Exinct: Flesh Belts

Urban Dictionary defines a flesh belt as "The fat roll hanging over a girl's low rider jeans, while wearing a belly shirt."

I am not making a comment on one's possession of belly fat; I happen to have plenty of it myself.  But showing your stomach in public is mostly just gross and inappropriate regardless of whether you are sporting six pack abs or not.  A flesh belt makes you look like you can't dress yourself because your clothes clearly don't fit.  If you look sloppy and not put together, a lot of people are going to assume you are a not-put-together-person generally and treat you accordingly. 

And I call bullshit on anyone who claims they "don't care."

Beaches and pools aside, I think most of us can agree that belly buttons aren't the cutest on adults, hmmm?

So imagine my dismay morbid curiosity mild interest when I saw a woman at the gym the other day wearing a REALLY TIGHT tank and EVEN TIGHTER bike shorts, accessorized with her (fairly prominent) flesh belt.  Um, she hadn't even starting exercising yet.  I was scared of a teeny bit curious about when she started stretching.

First of all, wasn't she cold?  And second, can't she just wear a shirt that covers her entire torso?  I was worried for her health and her closet. 

I get that many people don't want to spend a lot on gym clothes- they aren't supposed to be glamorous or even necessarily that flattering.  But they are supposed to cover you and be relatively comfortable.  As this woman is a mom (she brought her son in for babysitting while she worked out), she probably doesn't have a ton of time to spend on shopping for herself. 

People, I have an inexpensive and convenient solution: the tall section at Old Navy or the Gap. 

I buy plain cotton tees from the tall section, rather than the regular section.  They fit the same, only they are longer.  They are cheap, especially on sale, and there's an Old Navy and/or Gap in almost every town. Even if you don't have one, the internet is for more than just porn, people.  Harness it for your gym clothing needs.

The Old Navy Perfect Tee above is $6 and comes in 12 colors.

Viola! Tummy coverage on the cheap.

Let the flesh belt go extinct.  Pretty please. And don't get me started on the (different) woman not wearing a proper sports bra during spin class.  I though she was going to put an eye out with those things.

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