Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's the Diff? The Obvious Differences Edition

As you may have heard, I am obsessed with a certain pair of $360 See by Chloe sandals.  Here they are in black:

[insert doe eyes here] SIGH.

As you may also have heard, I am searching for a cheaper alternative until an extra $360 for season-specific shoes drops in my lap (though I think Nordstrom has them for $345...).  After days of meticulously combing my sources, I haven't found much that suits, but I did just stumble upon these:

They also come in bone, giving me a decent alternative for spring and summer.  Like the See by Chloes, they have a platform, a slingback with a buckle, and scallop details that look sweet but not over the top frilly.  These are obviously not a copy, but they do have a similar vibe.  But they lack the chunky heel that I love on the See by Chloe version, and this kind of slingback will slide right off my heel making these cute but impossible (for me) to wear.

So, they aren't the solution to my expensive sandal-craving problem.

But they are getting there, which gives me hope that something else exists, just waiting for my discovery and purchase.  Ideally in real leather and under $150, obviously.

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