Wednesday, April 20, 2011

These are sold out.

I had these bike shorts/cropped legging things when I was 10.  I remember them distinctly, because I loved wearing them with an oversized tee with some sort of wild print, fastened with a plastic clip on the side so the white lace would peek out from underneath.  I was def rocking a side ponytail, too.  I think I thought I was Madonna.

That was 1989. 

And yet, these are SOLD OUT. In 2011.

The word gross doesn't begin to describe what I think of these.

Sure, ModCloth is touting them as underwear, to "save you in case of any unannounced Monroe moments!", but we all know that with the resurgence of 80s fashion (I use that term loosely) and a plethora of idiots, these will be worn as pants or shorts, with all kinds of arse hanging out.

I shudder at the prospective sight.  I think we can safely add these to the list of Clothing That Should Never Have Been Created Let Alone Sold, along with scrunchies, Uggs, and Crocs, hmmm?

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