Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter/Passover/Earth Day Bunnies

I don't do Easter- I am more of a Passover girl myself- but I do like a bunny.  There are several bunny items felt I must share with you on this Day of Bunnies.

Here's what I actually wore today:

Mango's Blouson Jamon:

If you click the link, you can see a zoom on the image to see the blue bunnies.

Here are some other fun bunny items...

Every Bunny Gather Round Cardigan:

My favorite.  Just the right amount of kitsch.  Want.

This one is also adorable, but it's no longer available:

Here's a Yumi Black Bunny Frill dress:
In black and white, it feels less cutesy than it might otherwise be.

Funny Bunny Post Earrings:

If only my ears were pierced...

Crystal Bunny Ring:
I do love a ridiculous animal ring. So here's another one:
And for an If Only piece (this necklace is $3,500):

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