Monday, September 20, 2010

A little venting, and then some shoes

First, the venting.

Wedding planning sucks.  If anyone tells you differently, either they have unlimited funds or they are lying.  Or both.  There is nothing romantic, or even fun, about seating charts, a marriage license application, or registering for luggage.  Hell, even cupcake tasting lost its luster after the fourth place we tried.

I feel like we were engaged for 2 weeks and have been wedding planning for a year.  So, I'm tired of it.

And if one more person emails me with the f$#@ing countdown or asks how everything is coming, I will scream.  Clearly they never planned such an event before.  If they had, they'd know that the last several weeks beforehand are the most hectic, the most detail-driven, and frankly, the most stressful.

So here is a handy guide to my answers to those who insist on knowing "how it's coming" and reminding me "it's only a few weeks away":

1.  I know.  I set the date, I have been planning for a year, I am constantly checking my list.  So I know when the wedding is.  If you are coming, believe me, I'm glad you do, too.

2.  I am not excited.  I don't have time or energy to be excited.  I am glad, I am happy, I am looking forward.  But excited hasn't happened yet.  Will be pleased to tell you when it hits.

3.  I AM stressed.  So further discussion of said stress does little to alleviate it.

4.  I am moody.  Today I am sick to death of this.  Tomorrow I might be in a better mood about it.  So sue me.

5.  I have done everything I can up to this moment, that's how it's coming.  I would rather not dive in to the boring details of confirming with my cupcake vendor or the plan for my site visit with my day of coordinator.  Trust me, I could not care less about that level of detail in your planning, so I'm guessing you don't truly give a damn about it in mine.

6.  If I sound like a brat, today I don't care.  Maybe tomorrow I will.  "Bridezilla" hasn't entered the picture so far, and since I think the term is misogynistic and demeaning, I highly discourage you from using it to refer to me.

I did have a lovely shower this weekend, have a bachelorette party coming up, and the wedding itself shouldn't be too shabby.  So not all is doom and gloom.  But I am over the planning.  So let's just agree to talk about something else for awhile.

Now, for the shoes.

There was some shoe shopping this weekend.  There may or may not have been several pairs purchased.

These are my new favorite party shoes:

And these are my new favorite bumming around in my my skinny jeans boots:

Li'l sis doesn't approve. Also, mine are white, not ice grey, but I can't find them pictured in white. They also come in wheat and black.

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Anonymous said...

OMG great choice on the studded shoe boots. love them. im in love with shoe boots AND with studs right now. awesome. id like to see how you style them!
good luck getting through the last few weeks of planning. your wedding night should feel like bliss! :)