Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trend Review: Jumpsuits

So, I'm browsing though the latest InStyle magazine, and what did I happen upon? Yet ANOTHER magazine editor telling us that jumpsuits are back, and in a big way.

Let me just tell you two things about jumpsuits:
1. If you are over 25, you WILL look ridiculous in something this trendy and utterly silly; and
2. They are NOT flattering. Nope, not even the one everyone says is flattering. It's a damn jumpsuit people! Are you blind?

You can call them rompers if it makes you feel better, but even in silk or cashmere, jumpsuits are not ok. I get why they are appealing- one piece is easy and means you can focus on the really fun part of dressing: accessories. However, that's why god- or Diane von Furstenberg- invented dresses. And I get that being totally covered up can be comforting. But overalls are comforting, and I don't see those all over the damn place. (Overalls are in the Unacceptable category too, in case you were wondering.)

You know what I find comforting? The idea that women will somehow see through the complete bull in some of these magazines and learn to think for themselves. Just a little bit. I'm not throwing stones- I read all of the same magazines. I just have learned that not every trend is a good one and many of them don't work for many people.

There is no way jumpsuits are here to stay. They are retro in the worst of ways. And they are most certainly not flattering on actual people. If, by some craziness, my prediction turns out to be wrong and jumpsuits flood the market and people bite, my unwavering faith in women to make good decisions most of the time will be severely shaken.

You know what the woman in this picture looks like? A trend slave, an auto mechanic, and a little fat. And there's no way this Bebe model is fat., by the way, has an entire shopping category for jumpsuits. Imagine my delight upon discovery that little bit of trivia.

Please don't buy a damn jumsuit. If you must dress head to toe in all one color and fabric, try some separates with interesting, or at least contrasting, shapes. A little variety and creativity never hurt anyone.


Kim said...

So, just so I'm clear... it's a no to the jumpsuit?? I saw one in Lucky last week, and had the same reaction you did!! ICK!

::rae:: said...

I was just thinking the same thing. If one more person says get a "romper" for xyz event I will snap. its not cute and it looks like an adult onsie!