Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Closet Profile: Tights

Let's do a mini profile on tights, mmm kay?
First, let's discuss the basics. Having a pair of black or grey tights is pretty key to wearing skirts and dresses in cool weather. I recommend having at least two pairs of each- one of each color in a lighter weight, and once of each in a heavier fabric, like wool or heavy cotton. I'm a huge fan of DKNY for affordable tights that fit well and come in a variety of colors.

Other options that will take you far: navy, brown, army green, and burgundy.

Now on the the fun stuff: colors, patterns, and textures.
I love patterned tights in measured doses. Floral, striped, even some polka dots- in neutral colors they are great for work because they subtly add texture and pattern in a fairly toned down way. Patterns in non-neutral colors are best left for the weekend. Avoid anything with skulls or animals. We are all adults here, people.
Solid colors are also great in small doses. Even a bright color can be work appropriate in some offices, but I recommend keeping the flash of color to a minimum even in a more creative office environment. Colors tights with boots and a skirt is a fun way to do this without showing a whole leg of cobalt blue. Full-on periwinkle legs, like those above, are best left for an 80s dance party.
Textured tights are awesome! They tend to be warmer than other tights and add dimension to your outfit. I love ribbed tights in the winter with boots.
Tights with Open-Toed Shoes
Let's get this out of the way: you CAN wear tights with open-toed shoes. You may never, EVER, under ANY circumstances, wear pantyhose with open toes, however. The distinction is: the former looks purposeful and fun, the latter looks geriatric and hideous.
I tend to stay on the peep toe side of open toes when I wear tights with non-closed toed shoes. A little contrasting or complimentary colored tight peeking out is fab. A full set of cobalt/gray/burgandy toes is a bit harder to pull off, and I don't recommend it for beginners. First, it must look delibrate, not like you just couldn't find another pair of shoes to wear with the outfit. Second, the tights must be as opaque as possible. Sheer tights are fine with other shoes, but end up looking just like pantyhose when seen with open-toes.


If your tights are in a jumbled mess, listen up! Tights should be stored carefully to prevent snagging. I use plastic sandwich bags- each pair has their own bag, labeled with its contents (i.e., Black Chevron Stripe) so after I wsh them, I know where they go. All of the bags are their own drawer. If you have a different idea, go for it. Excessive snagging and pilling is a sign that you must say goodbye to that pair.

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e dub said...

mine have their own drawer! you know i love my tights!! and i agree 100% on tights vs pantyhose open toe situation. pink/purple tights + open toe pumps on a saturday night out = fun fun fun. pantyhose + open toe any time = yuuuuck!