Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's the Diff? Anthro v. ModCloth Edition

As an Anthropologie lover, my overwhelming lust perfectly normal desire for their clothes knows no bounds.  So, I've been enjoying reading Effortless Anthropologie lately.  The most recent post highlights something we all already know: there are lower-priced knockoffs/copies/replicas of so many items, you can usually find what you want for less with a little research.

And while the cheaper versions aren't always of identical quality to the original, sometimes it doesn't matter.  Do the minor differences between these two skirts make the Modcloth version on the right, which is $86 less than the Anthro version on the left, and less cute and desirable?  Didn't think so.

Before anyone jumps on their high horse about originality and design and the evils of Forever 21, I'm willing to bet not a single one of us hasn't rejoiced at finding- and buying!- an identical, cheaper version of something we loved and couldn't afford.  I'm not sanctioning blatant copying of original design, but there's not much that's entirely original these days.  And until the knockoff industry is eradicated completely (ha!), I will be buying the less expensive versions of stuff I love whenever I please.

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