Sunday, May 2, 2010

Handbag of the Day: Anchor Tote

While there are literally hundreds of iterations of the nautical themed anchor tote (as evidenced by this site alone), this is the most well-executed one I've seen so far. It is also one of the most expensive.  This is the Anchored Bag and it's $118.  And yep, that's a lot for a canvas tote.  But this one get the details right: the rope handles, simple shape, and over-sized anchor makes this a fun spring and summer staple.  And the fact that it's made from recycled sails gives it some street cred that will take it beyond a particular year's or season's nautical trend.

Not convinced about the Anchored Bag but still need an anchor tote in your life?  Check out this one from Etsy (a cutie for $24) and this one from ASOS (pretty standard at $20).

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