Thursday, April 29, 2010

10 Tragic Moments in Pants

My fiance, S, sent me this link to a slide show on the 10 tragic moments in pants through the years.  It's amusing, especially the slide on rompers and skorts.

I take issue with two things, however:

1) Leggings as pants
The side commentary agrees with me that leggings are, in fact, not pants.  But then, why are they in the "moments in pants" slideshow?  I do not appreciate the mixed messaging this gives the already clueless masses of women who think they could actually get away with this look.

2) Jeggings
Yes, the name is beyond ridiculous.  And yes, when done wrong, they are tragic.  But on many, they can be worn as skinny jeans- with an appropriate amount of arse coverage) and look sleek, flattering, fun, and perhaps a little 80s.

I wholeheartedly agree with the acid wash jeans and jean shorts commentary, though.  They are trends that need to die a final death.

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