Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day: AWESOME Vegan Shoes

I discovered Beyond Skin vegan shoes on Shoeaholics Anonymous.  Their post, "Five vegan shoe brands (that won't make you look like a hippie)" listed several good options; this was by far the best recommendation.

The company states that "no humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our shoes."  Makes me wonder what they think small children ARE, but that's besides the point.  If eco-friendly style is important to you, these are a stylish way to go.  The company seems to use a lot of satin (great for evening!) and faux leather, the shoes have padded insoles, and all are apparently handmade.  For handmade- and supposedly comfortable- shoes, the prices are amazing.  They even have a bridal line!

I recommend peeking at the pumps and flats, which come in in fun colors and patterns.  And today, you can get 25% off the S/S 2010 line- another reason to check them out!

Happy Earth Day.

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