Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Top Ten, Part 2

At long last, I present to you My Spring Top Ten And A Few Things To Avoid At All Costs:

These are the things I'm focused on right now:

1. Shift dress
Perfect for work, and looks cool on the commute with a leather jacket.  I'm partial to graphic prints these days.  In fact, my new work outfit formula may become shift + leather jacket + pumps.

2. Something floral
Probably a clutch or shoes. Check out these $17 flats. I love floral but rarely want to wear it all over.

3. Denim
No surprise here, since it's pretty much always on my list.  This season I love boyfriend jeans and skinnies.

4. Mini bag
These look wildly out of proportion on me (remember the cardinal rule of accessorizing: pieces should be proportional to your body), but I want SOMEONE to get one of these so I can live vicariously.  Petite girls, this means you!

5. Belts
At LONG last, I have discovered the joys a belt can bring to a busty short-waisted figure and a shapeless top.  Am in the market for fairly wide, stretchy belts.  Currently considering this one in white.

6.  Fun layering pieces
Just got the Cinched Cables Cardigan and the Happy Hour Cardigan.  They will go a long way in making some of my plainer outfits a lot more fun and a little warmer.

7.  A good sports bra
More sun means more outdoor time, which means more exercise.  And while I like my Champion sports bras, I am looking for something with more support so I can do more boot camp-like activities.  This is the one I'm considering, though I am very open to suggestions.

8.  Fun flats
A staple and great with shorter hemlines. (Remember, the shorter the hem, the flatter the shoe: this will prevent any trace of hooker from your look as well as preserving the proportions of the outfit.)  Loving these.

9. Sunscreen that doesn't cause breakouts or smell weird
Am open to suggestions here.  Skin cancer and peeling noses are not attractive.  Lather up.

10. Bold necklace
Retailers everywhere are touting the "statement necklace" and I am succumbing.  I love multi stranded pieces, giant pendants, and the heavy, chunk-tasticness that is this.

Aaaaand these are the things to avoid:

N.O. I find these more heinous than jumpsuits, and I find jumpsuits to be revolting.  If you like a clog, this is your time to be in style.  For 5 seconds.  But after that you will look just as dated and clumpy as before.  The thing is, a clunky clog doesn't have anything to balance out its heaviness.  So it lowers your leg line, flattens out the foot, and isn't flattering on ANYone.  What about a slimmer one (like this little number), you ask?  Frankly, you might as well broadcast that you're celibate with a tattoo instead of hideous footwear.

Great for going to school and camping, these are NOT a style statement no matter what Vogue says.  Even in leather, these look juvenile at best, matronly at worst.  Their moment has passed; it was called the 90s.

Mullet Skirts
Just trust me.  And click this link.

Can make an outfit look polished and sharp or can make you look like a wannabe (or actual) hipster.  I don't see these as The Answer To All Outfits the way many stylists seem to.  I acknowledge they can be transformative on the figure, but their preppy vibe doesn't look great on everyone.  If they don't look awesome on you, don't force it.  There are other, better options for you.

Denim on denim
AKA The Denim Suit.  Not suitable/cute/mildly attractive for people over the age of 8.  Sport your jean jacket if you must, but don't do it with jeans.  Best left to (real) cowboys and the very young.


Anonymous said...

I'm a really, truly, horribly terrible shopper.
(Love your blog)

How do you feel about these shoes:


Ellen S. said...

I think are ok, but not that special. If the color is nude on your skin tone, they may be really flattering, but otherwise I think they could read a little dowdy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could send you a pic once I've got them & you can help me decide whether or not they are worth keeping? haha
I feel like I've lost my sense of style somewhere between graduating highschool so long ago & where I am now.
I want the objective outsider point of view, but don't know who to ask. I need to regain my confidence when it comes to clothing.
Anyway, I'd appreciate your feedback :)

Ellen S. said...

Happy to help! If you feel comfortable giving me your email address, you can submit it as a comment and I won't publish the comment on the site.

Ellen S. said...

(I will write you so you can send me pics of the shoes if you want.)

T-Rex said...

Try Title Nine for their selection of sports bras! :)

Anonymous said...

Running Warehouse also has a great selection on sportsbras, as well as other running apparel and shoes. Their shoe prices are considerably lower than what most sites offer, from what I've seen so far.