Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The New Boots: A Guide

It's boots season, people. 

Once more, with feeling:  It's BOOTS SEASON, people.  Woot.

There a several new boot styles permeating the collective fashion consciousness (and by "new", I mean SOMEone has seen it all before).  Here are my thoughts.

1. Clog boots

In a word: hideous.  I hate clogs.  I'm also not typically a fan of mixing several trends together in one outfit, let alone one piece.  This boot combines the lace-up trend, faux fur trend, and the clog trend to make a very busy shoe with no seasonal longevity.  These will be "in" for exactly 2 months.  And it's fugly as sin.

2.  Belted boots

I think this style can be worked into a lot of wardrobes.  I'm not likely to buy a pair myself, because I can't get over the sneaking suspicion that it looks like the boot's belt is slipping off, creating a messing, unfinished vibe.  I recommend staying away from any pair that mixes this trend with another, though.  Run, do not walk, from any pair that uses faux fur or laces along with the belt.

3. Cuffed boots

These are cuffed at the bottom of boot, and in some cases the cuff almost hits the floor.  I'm not a huge fan, though I think some pairs are better executed than others.  I prefer the ones whose cuffs fall above the heel, a la:

The boots whose cuffs fall lower, much like a pair of too-long pants, can actually cut off the leg line and make you look shorter- and sloppy.

4. Buckled boots

Um, are you kidding me? Ladies, if you want to look like a cheap hooker, surely there are easier, less ankle-breaking options available.  (Don't worry, this pair also comes in street walker blue blue.)

This is an extreme example, but there are so many right now that over 3 or more buckles and they all look cheap to me, no matter what the actual price.  This is the same rule for cookies that my mom taught me: just have one or two. 

5. Moto boots

Yep, they are supposed to be- or just look like- biker boots.  And they are awesome.  The pair above are classics, and look tough and chic right now.  Depending on the outfit, they can look as bad-ass or as funky as you want.  They are actually really versatile for a lot of wardrobes.

These are the ones I'm eyeing:

I would wear them with pretty much everything, including skirts and dresses.

Got a boots question? Throw it in the comments.  Maybe I'll even have an answer.

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