Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, yeah. There was a wedding.

I suppose you want to see pictures?  I will break my usual rule of not posting pics of me without  sunglasses once I get the professional pics in or I get some SUPER cute ones from friends.  Attention friends: Hint, freaking hint.

In the meantime, here's what I wore:


Her name is Hayden (yes, at Priscilla of Boston, all the dresses have names and are referred to as "her"). Better pics here.

The shoes:

They are the Kate Spade Abbie.  The shoes were the hardest part for me.  In the end, I ordered 6 pairs, tried on the dress with 4 of them, and these were the clear winners.  I wasn't always sold on the idea of flats, but after being in them for 6 hours straight, I was relived I didn't go with the runners up:

The Kate Spade Elate:

And the Cole Haan Ceci:

The jewelry:

Kate Spade was good to me...this is the Crystal Constellation Bracelet:

And this is NOT the necklace, but is so astonishingly close, I'm posting it anyway.  The real deal will show up in the wedding pics, I promise:

Hair, makeup, and nails were done, coiffed, touched up, and suitably me.  I swear I'll post the real deal soon.

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