Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rip Off Alert: J Crew flats

This shoe is $148.

What? Did I stutter? $148.

Now, I am the last person who will criticize someone for paying dearly for something they love. I have been known to splash out on a handbag what some people make in a month. (This happened exactly once, by the way. No need to tell Dad.)

But people? This is a ballet flat. A very basic, very boring-looking flat with an obnoxiously precious bow.

Ahem- ever heard of Target? They sell basic, boring flats with obnoxious bows, too. For $19.99.

No, the Target version is not real leather and no, they won't last as long as the J Crew shoes. But they will look, at least for a little while, EXACTLY THE SAME. And while you are wearing your cheap knock offs, you can go to any number of shoe stores where you can find all manner of lovely ballet flats for under $100 in real leather that WILL last as long as the J Crew shoes.

And don't even try to use the price-per-wear argument to justify these. That applies to well-made classics that you will wear for years. Flats get TRASHED people; you'll be lucky if they last 2 seasons with repeated wear.

My point? For $148, you can do better. You can get a pair of fabulous heels full price, or a pair of Stuart Weitzman's on sale. You can get a chic cross-body bag for summer and fall. You can get a sleek little clutch and have money left over for wine with your girls.

I know, I know- J Crew tried to sell you hook, line, and sinker with its overpriced BS. I'm pissed, too. But you are too savvy to bite. Take your money elsewhere, people.

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Mira said...

At least they could have picked a color less boring than paste.