Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Short Rant

People, people, PEOPLE. Why are on EARTH would you leave your house for work before checking a mirror? Just a quick glance is all you need. Really, 2 seconds is all that is needed for you to notice that your stomach is showing.

Um, hello? Rational side of your brain? What made you think that showing stomach in the business world was appropriate?

Oh, I'm sorry- perhaps you didn't realize that you have a flesh belt? Did you mistake it for your leather braided one from the Gap? Did you forget that you work at an office/restaurant/store and, in fact, you do NOT work at the local strip club?

Or maybe you think showing belly at work is no biggie. Did you also notice that you weren't getting promoted or a raise? Do you think any supervisor would view you the same way as the equally qualifed person next to you who dresses appropriately? I have news for you: you are very, very wrong.


Mira said...

Kinda depends on the boss. If you know what I mean.

Mira said...

Gave you a bloggy award over at my site. Check it out and pass it on or whatever you want to do!

Andrea S. said...

I feel like if nothing else, they should know that they are feeling a BREEZE on their way to work...seriously, how can you not notice that!? Oh to live in such denial.

Lucia said...

I ham having horrible flashbacks to a white linen skirt topped with a flesh belt and then topped again with a scrunchie.