Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spectacle Necklace: As Ugly as it Sounds

As awesome as it is to see people wearing their glasses on a string around their necks, now people who don't even need glasses can join the fun. This spectacle necklace is as expensive as a real pair of glasses at $118 and is made of copper and silk. I just want to know who thinks this is a good idea. I heart you Anthropologie, but get a damn clue.


Mira said...

Some guys really dig the old schoomarm vibe don't they?

Ellen S. said...

That's what real glasses are for.

Andrea S. said...

Ok let's discuss how we don't want to encourage schoolmarm vibes, with real OR fake glasses! Also, I decided one of these days, I am going to sit at the beach with a notebook and camera, and just judge people. I will send it all to you to give to the world, and we will be better than the Dos and Don'ts issue of Glamour!