Saturday, February 5, 2011

NOT for the office: Thigh High Boots

At the suggestion of my friend H, I am discussing thigh high boots in a professional environment. 

I disapprove.

Unless you work in an extremely casual- or extremely sex-oriented (i.e., a strip club)- environment, they are simply not appropriate.

Let me paint you a picture:

You walk in to a conservative (legal, finance, etc.) office.  You have paid good money to meet with/obtain professional services from the professionals in this office.  You are expecting quality work and excellent client service.  A woman steps out from behind a desk/from her office/around a conference table wearing a fitted jacket, a fairly short skirt, and a thigh high boots.

Your first impression is not one of quality work and excellent service, but of why this woman thinks this outfit is appropriate for the business climate.  You now wonder if she takes your business seriously and worry that when she sits down, her skirt won't entirely cover her arse.

These are things you have to take into consideration, people.  Even a low-heeled or flat pair that aren't pleather or even patent leather require a pretty short skirt to show off properly.  They certainly don't work under pants.  And if you are wearing them over jeans, you are already in such a casual environment, this post doesn't apply to you.

And whether you like it or not, they connote sex in a way no pair of ankle, mid-calf or knee high boots can.

These boots will not open doors, unless sleeping to the top is your M.O.  Do yourself a favor and don't degrade your professional self by wearing these at the office.  Save them for weekends, when being casual and/or sexy will be much more appropriate.

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