Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shop This Place: Ruche

(Disclaimer: it's possible I have blogged about this pace before, because it's been so long since I've meant to.)

My friend, E Dub, tipped me off about Ruche and now I am seeing pieces from the site all over the fashion blogs I read.

The vibe looks like Anthro, Free People and ModCloth, but (mostly) at much lower price points.  I am into the following:

Love My Nest Necklace ($16.99):

Three of a Kind Necklace ($15.99):

Fly Away Home Necklace ($24.99):

FINE. I will post something other than bird necklaces.

Here's the Wise Little Owl Print Cardigan ($42.99):

Ok, ok.  Here's something entirely BIRD FREE:

Summer In Paris Floral Dress ($46.99):

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