Sunday, March 13, 2011

Printastic! Matryoshka Print

Russian nesting dolls are everywhere right now!

This site has whole pages of tees with this print:

Oh My Doll-ing socks ($8.99):

Russian Dolls Sweater ($14.99):

Russian Nesting Dolls PJs ($70):

Russian Nesting Dolls Nightshirt (pretty sure she's wearing a matching headband, too) ($52):

Even wallets aren't safe.  Nesting Dolls Wallet:

Not to mention housewares...

Drinking glasses ($16.83):

Lunch Bag ($18.99):

Measuring Cups ($9.97):

I find all of these to be too kitschy and juvenile for my taste.  Do you like them?


Mira said...

bleeargh. That's my opinion. Does that count?

Ellen S. said...

Yep. I figured you'd be against them...