Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Wardrobe: Flats, Glorious Flats

Planning my spring wardrobe is high on my list of priorities, now that the sun is out more often than my umbrella.  This is the first of several parts of a series I have planned. 

Today's topic is flats, and more specifically, places to buy them on the cheap.  (No, your nasty sneakers and the pair of sandals you've been wearing since college do not count.)


Nope, I can't wear Junior sized clothes, as you may have noticed by the fact that I have boobs and and an arse.  But shoes don't discriminate based on bra size, so to the junior department we go!

Delia's has some ridiculously cute flats, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see anything over $50.

These are $44.50:

And these bird-printed babies are also $44.50:


Also a juniors site, but one with another fun selection of inexpensive, cute flats.

These are $24.90 and come in two colors:


I buy seasonal flats from Target often.  Typically under $20, they are cute, fit pretty well, and priced to wear for 2-4 months and then discard.  These aren't investment shoes, but if you don't wear them every day, could last for a while.

These floral ballet flats for $12.99 caught my eye: did these floral D'Orsay flats for $19.99:


Not necessarily cheap, this British site often offers free shipping and great sales.  And they have something a little different than what you'll find at regular US department stores.

These are $128, come in three colors, and could be worn day or night:

Urban Outfitters

This site carries a great range of styles, many for under $50.

I have my eye on this two-tone wingtip skimmer for $34, especially since the black and white version looks almost identical to this $138 pair at J Crew that I have been lusting after for at least THREE WHOLE DAYS:


Also a British site, they have something for everyone.  I promise if you browse the site, you will find something you want.

Check out these off white t-straps for $55:

And these sweet cream crochet flats for $36:

The $15 Dollar Store

Yep, it's a whole site of stuff that is $15.

These are pretty cute and come in 2 colors:

To round off the round up, I can't resist adding my current favorite...


I'm not saying they're cheap, but they show some unique and special pieces and their sales are often fantastic.

Yes, please (Summer Kaleidoscope Flat, $98):

Want. Now. (Hue-Cobbled Flats, $198; def waiting for sale):

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