Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's the Diff? Real Life Shopping Edition

This is the Felix Rey Isabell Clutch.  It slayed me when I saw it.  Black leather, huge metal bow, leopard print lining AND big enough for a phone, keys, lipstick, and small camera? 

Yum, yes please, and gimme.

It is $275 at Bloomingdales.

After careful consideration (read: I didn't buy it the second I saw it, so where the hell is my cookie?), I Googled it. 

If you are new to living outside a cave, Google is a magical place that will tell you, in mere seconds, where something is.  Like another Felix Rey Isabell Clutch.  For significantly less than retail.

Which is how I found not one, but TWO places to buy this bag for less than the retail price.

This same bag is $202.15 at

And it is also $171.61 on

So what's the diff?  The diff, lovely readers, is the difference of $103.39, which I saved by spending 30 seconds checking for it elsewhere.  And since I'm already an Amazon Prime member, I got free 2 day shipping. 

Go me.

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