Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer in San Francisco

Yeah, the picture is fuzzy. Everything is fuzzy in SF when it's this hot.
Outfit details: Tee, Banana. Skirt, Banana. Shoes, farylrobin.
Why it works: Off white skirt and aqua is sharp. And just because it's hot, doesn't mean your skirt has to be ridiculously short, ESPECIALLY at work.
What it needs: necklace or bangles would be my thang.
Dress it up: Heels would be lovely.
Dress it down: Untuck the shirt and you are ready to roll.
P.S. Coming up: Top Ten flats!

1 comment:

e dub said...

you look super cute today, i love that skirt. i was told earlier that my dress today is "interesting" and i didn't take that as a compliment, come on over and see for yourself. i'm looking forward to this heat wave ending and your top ten flats piece! yay!