Saturday, January 24, 2009

For the Record...

In the spirit of making sure everything is done properly lest there be any questions of whether someone is truly our President or not, I would like to take moment to put my thoughts out in the universe about what is apparently an extremely interesting topic: what Michelle, et al. is wearing.

1. With very few exceptions, I really like Michelle Obama's style choices.
Check her out at

Not so thrilled about all of the lemongrass/chartreuse/bright green and yellow, but ladies, let's face it- the woman has class, she has presence, and she can pull it off.

2. With even fewer exceptions, I really like Jill Biden's choices, too:
Here she is at

How can you argue with sleek knee-high boots or the stunning red ball gown?

3. I don't care what Sasha and Malia are wearing, they are freaking adorable.

There, I said it. Now we can move on.

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