Monday, January 19, 2009

Target - A review of some of their latest

The Thakoon for Target line caught my eye when reading about it recently. I decided to kill a perfectly good hour on a rare sunny day in January by checking it out myself this weekend. After looking through all of the options, I tried on the three tops shown here.

The first is a slightly a-line striped top that was comfy, but did nothing to flatter me. The second fit like a sack. The third had possibility, but for for $16.99, I'd rather get a Banana Republic tee on sale.
I really wanted to like the floral prints in this line- on the Target site, they look promising- but in person they just look cheap.

I walked around the rest of the women's clothes section, and while some of it looked nice enough, most of it was very plain and much of it wasn't well-made. I'm not saying that some people couldn't make some of it work, but for me it was a bust.

I made my way over to shoes, where I found two pairs I was into- these sandals and these white skimmer flats.

The sandals have a laid-back 70s vibe. They were pretty comfortable, but fake leather isn't always a great choice because it doesn't wear as well as the real thing. In the end, I would rather spend more on quality shoes than $19.99 for shoes I will have to trash after 1 season. But I like their look and still have them on my radar...
The white skimmers are cute, would be fun for Spring and Summer, and they also come in this cool bright green. The only reason these didn't come home with me is because I was between sizes and couldn't make either the 8 1/2 or the 9 work.
I did go a little crazy in the pajama department, so do not fear- I didn't leave empty handed.

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Nicole said...

I am an avid Target shopper. I recommend staying away from the trendy guest designers and sticking to their regular brands (i.e. Mossimo, Merona, Champion). I think the quality is better.