Saturday, January 24, 2009

If cow print is your thing, get a new thing.

These shoes are 100% unacceptable. Yes, the shape is lovely and black and white is usually so versatile. But the cow is not an exotic or luxurious animal and its hide is not attractive, except as a prelude to a meal. These shoes are flat out hideous.

Remember how we talked about limiting our kitsch this year? I have not forgotten Resolution #1, nor should you. Do you really want to walk around wearing Guess's approximation of one of the dumbest and most boring animals ever?

Look, I love animals- I eat them, I wear them. And animal print is great in measured doses. But the professional lady in the know wears the print of an elegant, impressive animal, like a cheetah or a leopard. Wearing cow print is the equivalent of wearing polyester when you could be wearing silk. It's just cheap and gross.

Before you get all PETA on my arse and start throwing paint around, I am neither defending nor encouraging you to wear real fur. All I'm saying is that if you don an animal print- real or faux- have the decency to do it well.

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T-Rex said...

Note: from C! not Tina :)

Although it pains me to protest, and I agree that the pair in question is not ideal, as an owner of a cow-clad pair of heels, I must raise several objections.

1. (and ever so slightly tangential) How terribly Amero- (certainly not Indio-) centric of you to bash the cow as lowly and stupid. Swiss, as I am, I hold a special little place in my heart for those 'sacred' beasts that are responsible for the chocolates and cheeses (and shoot, why not shoes!)that, let's be honest, make life worth living.

2. Animal prints are always risky. I find that a well done interpretation, cow as it may be, trumps a tacky see-it-on-every-16-year-old-girl cheetah print any day.

3. Everything in moderation- a dash of cow on a black suede pump (see image of my pair below)can be just plain fun! kitsch? perhaps, but I'm willing to spend my "limited" quantity on something like this: