Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolutions for a Stylish 2009

Lose 20 pounds, stop drinking, get 8 hours of sleep...I've heard them all before and they are a big, fat SNORE. So let's hear it for some resolutions we can all actually keep.

1. We will limit our kitsch.
If you are over 14, you can no longer wear Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, or any Disney character on any article of clothing you own. No, not even the sweatshirt your sweetheart/mom/BFF bought you on The Best Trip Ever to Disney World.

If you must have Mickey in your life, get a damn coffee mug like a damn adult.

2. We will wear patterns and textures.
I love a solid color- I don't have to even CONSIDER about what it goes with, because it goes with any neutral in my closet. However, not only will it not kill you to try a pattern or two, but it will actually wake up your wardrobe. Repeat after me: Patterns are not scary.

More on this another time, because you know you need it.

3. We will make rational purchases.
I'm a pot calling the kettle black here, people, I know. I am the queen of justifying purchases that I want as items that I need. I'm all for supporting the economy, but let's try to pare those wants down a bit, shall we? Maybe 2 new handbags instead of 4 this year? (Grumble.)

4. We will accessorize with care and creativity.
Read: we will not wear the same, tired pendant with every outfit and call it a day. Change your necklaces, ladies! And while those studs/stacked rings/pearls look fab, they don't work with EVERY outfit.

Modern women are creative in their dress, so let's update, shall we?

5. We will dress the bodies we have, not the ones we want.
You've heard this before, I know. And I'm not big on dishing about all of the psychological stuff that goes into dressing, body image, etc. But I will tell you this: the women who acknowledge their bodies and dress them accordingly are much better put together than women who don't. You might hate your thighs, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be hidden in sweatpants every day. And you might love your boobs, but if they are over a (very perky) B cup, let's keep 'em in their holster in public, mmm kay?

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e dub said...

thank god you're back. i have missed this. i need some help finding pants/skirts that fit my small waist & somewhat larger booty. help! also, i will continue to wear my tiffany's dove 4/7 days a week but i'll try to mix it up more on off days, ha.