Thursday, August 13, 2009

Explain, Please! Open-Toed Booties

Open toed booties are all the rage. Literally. They are everywhere, and are being touted as must-haves for fall and winter.

Except, in the fall and winter, I can't- and won't- wear open toed shoes, much less open toed BOOTS.

So, even though they are The!Biggest!Thing!Ever!, I hate them, and here is why:

1. They are boots.
Boots are for inclimate weather. I'm not saying that I don't wear boots in nicer weather, but should the skies open, I don't want to worry about my toes are exposed unnecessarily.

2. They are weird-looking.
There is something off about a perfectly lovely shoe or boot that just happens to have an open toe. The open toe looks like an after-thought, or a mistake.

3. Tights are mandatory.
I don't want my shoe choice to dictate whether I have to cover my legs. These shoes require covered legs- and more importantly- toes in the fall and winter. If I catch you bare toed in these after Labor Day, I WILL say something snarky. Actually, if I catch you bare toed in these period, I will be snarky. And annoyed.

4. They are BOOTS.
Granted, the booties aren't nearly as hideous as open toed knee boots (yes, they exist; no, they are not acceptable under any circumstances), but being relatively less ugly than something else does not a nice shoe make. An ankle boot is just that- a boot. And cutting off the toe defeats the very purpose of boots, which is to cover your feet and make you ready for anything.

Whatever your definition of boot is, I bet it involves a closed toe.

If you disagree with me, don't worry- you can buy these all over the damn place. But I think they mark you as a trend slave, not a savvy fashionista.


Mira said...

Wait? You can wear tights with open toed boots but no hose with open toed shoes? I no understand. Either way you show toes covered with stretchy nylon stuff. Why different?

Kim said...

So, here's the thing... These open-toed booties were also all the rage last fall.... And I could see wearing them on a bright sunny fall day, when it's not cold, but still fall enough for boots. So I bought a metallic pair that I loved.... Well I loved them in the box, but truth be told, I never, despite all my efforts, could find an occassion to wear them. And so, returned they were, and I can't see walking down the open-toed bootie road again. I think these are only for people who just need to appear on stage or in a photo shoot, but don't actually have to wear their shoes outside. But for the normal average person who actually comes into contact with the elements, not so much!

Ellen S. said...

Mira- nylons are not acceptable because they truly cover nothing. They are tacky, and if they must be worn, the entire foot must be covered. Tights can be seen in small doses, because they are meant to be seen. They are black, grey, colorful, whatever. So, when you let a little bit peek out through some shoe, it's not tacky, it's a little bit fun.