Monday, August 10, 2009

If you watch What Not to Wear, this little rant should not surprise you. Some of these people are so ungrateful, so unwilling to accept Stacey and Clinton's help and advice, so unable to change (which is, of course, what the whole show is about), they just don't deserve to have the attention, the free trip to NYC, or the $5,000 shopping spree. The most recent contributor (that's what they call the people selected for the make over) is the most current example of this, but certainly not the only one.

Honestly, if you don't think you need to change, why did you accept the money? Do you live in a cave? Do you think that Stacey and Clinton are going to see your point of view on your weird sock addiction or that crazy dog purse after your lame attempts to justify them? Did you think that when they said "what we say goes, goes, and you have to shop by our rules" somehow didn't apply to you?

Don't even give me the BS about how it's hard to change, blah blah blah- listen up! You accepted the money and free trip, now you either have to embrace it or go home. Every time a contributor cries on TV about how they just don't know which jeans will work, I die a little inside. I mean, seriously people?! TRY THEM ON. It's worth it- they just took all of your crap and now are paying for your new stuff. If it were me, I'd try on every damn thing in the store.

And I get that none of the women with ridiculously long hair (this isn't the 70s are you aren't Cher, btw) want it super short. I don't know about you, but I have never seen anyone walk off that show not looking 100 times better than they did when they started. And a huge part of that is hair. And it's not like they are shaving your scalp. To borrow a phrase, chillax, people, chillax.

When I see a contributor get pouty/scowly/weepy every goddamn step of the way, I am surprised that Stacey and Clinton don't totally lose their shit. I mean, the last one literally pouted the entire show. As in "I guess I will go along with this, since you are making me, but I don't see why my old way of dressing wasn't fly, even though you have given me 256 reasons why it sucked." Like SHE is doing THEM the favor! I noticed she had no qualms accepting the free clothes, hair cut, make up session, and trip.

Here's the bottom line: When you accepted the money, you accepted the help and the change. You knew damn well that when you arrived in NY, you were going to have to start changing. If you are adverse to change, don't accept the money. If you think the way you dress is just fine, don't accept the money. If you hate shopping, don't accept the freaking money.

Some of these people act like they are doing everyone a huge favor by being there. Others act like they are about to have a limb amputated. Put this in perspective, kids. Your image is important. Your self-confidence is important. You are there to learn from experts. And if you don't like it, go home.


Mira said...

I'm so sorry I missed this one. i saw the advertisements for it and shoulda dvr-ed it. Silly me. She's the one who just said 'I don't like it' at the end? Honestly, most of the people get it at the end, but to not get it after all that? Nuts.

Kim said...

Totally agree!!!! I watched this episode, and kept saying, "why is she such a freaking bitch?" the whole time. And to look that much better (although I am not yet sold on Ted and still miss Nick) and be little miss frowny face is completely absurd! And I felt bad for Stacy and Clinton because they looked visibly upset by the whole thing at the end. Some people are just so ungrateful!