Saturday, August 22, 2009

The "New" Jeans

You are being told, at every turn, that the new jeans are so hot right now, you'd be a fool not to try some. While I think sticking to your trusty dark rinse straight legs/boot cuts/trouser jeans is a fabulous way to go, I also don't think it will kill you to try a couple of new styles every so often. Here are my thoughts on going off your own beaten path when it comes to jeans styles:

1. Distressed Denim
This is not new, as anyone who lived through, or has seen pictures of, the 80s can attest.

As a general rule, I do not purchase anything that looks like it has been worn before me/mauled by animals. That said, a small amount of distressing, far, far away from the crotch area, could be a fun way to mix it up once in a while. I'm not talking the I-Just-Got-Attacked-By-Jack-The-Ripper rips, but a little worn in on a couple of spots? Doesn't worry me.

2. The Boyfriend Jean
Also not new, since women everywhere have long known the value of a comfy pair of worn in jeans lifted straight from their boyfriend/husband/gay bf's closet. The fashion industry has merely co-opted this for purposes of telling you what you already know and cashing in on it.

This is a style I have gone back and forth on. On one hand, they are SO DAMN COMFORTABLE. On the other, you run of risk of looking sloppy, over-sized, and masculine yourself. And then there's the little issue of paying money for what you could arguably just steal/borrow.

I succumbed this week and bought a pair of boyfriend jeans that look much more like a relaxed feminine fit that a sloppy masculine one. As always, fit is key. Meaning, if you look odd/huge/dumpy/male, they aren't the right jeans for you. But if they fit slimmer in the waist and legs than this teeny picture above might have you believe, you can throw them on with ballet flats or fun heels, and look pretty cute.

Bottom line: if they don't look like you ACTUALLY took them from your boyfriend, these could work for you.

3. Skinny Jeans
Not only are these not new, they have sneaked their way into the regular jeans rotation. They aren't a fad anymore, they are a true jeans staple. This means two things: 1) if you don't like them, get over it, and 2) there are more styles and cuts out there than ever, so you might want to consider trying them, if you don't already wear them.

I am not going to lie to you, they will be tapered. They will be pretty tight. And they might make you wish for sweatpants at first. But I think there are a lot of people, with many different body types, who look great in these. Even if you aren't model thin, you might at least try on a couple of pairs. You just never know.

4. Bleached
This is such an old fad that keeps coming back so often, I am beyond bored with it. I don't think bleaching does anyone any favors. But if it is your thing, make sure the jeans at fit really well, so the bleaching can't make things TOO hideous.

5. Denim Leggings
These are:
A) not pants, they are leggings, so cover your ass and don't forget to WEAR ACTUAL PANTS; and
B) totally unnecessary.

Let me know if you think I missed one. I am happy to dissect/hate on/gush over it with you.

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e dub said...

i just can't get into the boyfriend jean, they make me feel like i look really wide. what brand did you get? and i'm torn on denim leggings (of course i am!) i love leggings and skinny jeans, so it's like why not? but then it's so a big why would you? haven't purchased yet, will let you make fun of me if i do!