Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Slacks

Time to start thinking about fall, people! I'm a big fan of pants when the weather gets cold. I love the boots + tights combo with a dress, but I feel warmest in pants. When it turns cold/rainy/snowy/sleet-y, you just want to feel snuggly.

But you are not to LOOK snuggly at the office! Instead, you can wear some fab trousers/pants/slacks...

It's a good idea to have a number of pairs in a variety of neutral colors and subtle patterns. I recommend having at least one pair of each of the basic dark neutrals (black, charcoal, navy, and chocolate) and at least one lighter pair for warmer, sunnier days (khaki, light gray, light blue, etc.)

I am huge fan of these British Tweed Widelegs:

Just add heels and a sweater.

These Smart Uptown Trousers are also great for work:

Could wear with flats or heeled boots and a fun top.

I am not a fan of cropped pants for work, even the tailored ones. But if you don't work at a conservative office, you might be able to wear some Ankle Skimmers with ballet flats:

Shorter women (under 5'6"ish), beware! These cut off your leg line and will make you look shorter.

Tailored Sailor Trousers are always a classic and perfect for work:

Best with a heavier heel or boots and slimmer top.

Notice there isn't a single pair of capris, other significantly cropped pants, or their ilk anywhere to be found in this post. This is because I think it's time for everyone to start weening themselves off this ridiculous- and pervasive- pant length that doesn't do anyone any favors.

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