Monday, July 18, 2011

10ish Things You Must Own

It's been a long time since I posted about the items every woman absolutely must have in her closet.  Most lists are boring as hell and hardly capture the diversity of women and their needs.  Since most of these "must have" lists bug me, I usually create my own.

InStyle's latest list doesn't bug me, however.  It's actually updated for this year! And it includes animal print! And there's no white button down!  I recommend checking it out.

For the first time, I can get on board with 9 out of 10 items on such a list.  The one I disagree with?  An oversize watch.

Accessories, as I keep repeating OVER AND OVER, should be proportional to the person wearing them.  So, if you are a tiny person, have tiny wrists, or your frame generally gets overwhelmed by large peices, an oversize watch won't do you any favors. 

I can get away with huge necklaces because of my stature, but because I have small wrists, large peices there just look silly.

Ladies, read these lists with a skeptical eye.  Be open-minded about trying new things, but if something doesn't work, move on.

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