Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's the Diff? Kate Spade Lookalike Edition

It's true! I found a high-quality Kate Spade lookalike brand that costs less: Anne M Cramer

Here's the Kate Spade Striped Lillith Skirt ($228; originally $325):

It's a silk/cotton blend with pockets and it's adorable.

Here is the Anne M Cramer Flynn skirt ($160):

It's cotton twill with pockets and it's adorable.  And it's $68 less than the sale price of the Kate Spade.

Check out the rest of their spring and fall collections.  Trust me, Kate Spade lovers, you'll be glad you did.


Royaltygirl said...

I make the Katie Skirt for $65 that looks just like this skirt! look at sandeeroyalty.com

Ellen S. said...

Yours look gorgeous! I would like to order one; what is your return policy if I get the wrong size?