Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleeker Versions of Your Comfy Clothes

You CAN look put together in casual clothes.  A lot has to do with fit and pieces with just enough tailoring to give some shape and structure to your outfits.

Don't gripe to me about cost, either. I get that you don't necessarily want to spend a fortune on your casual-wear.  Everything I am showing in this post is from Old Navy, except the accessories.

1. Swap your faded denim with elastic waistbands (you know who you are!) for more structured jeans in a darker wash. They are just are comfortable as other jeans, but they look infinitely more polished.

Instead of these:

(Don't do this to yourself; even supermodels look weird in pleated denim and unless you are over 5'9", capris are NOT your friend.)

Try these:

2. Replace cut off or rolled up shorts (both look juvenile and messy) for finished, hemmed ones.  (The above rule for jeans applies to denim shorts, too.)

Instead of these:
 Try these:
3.  While you are at it, get rid of the ones that ride up (hello, inappropriate) and get some longer length shorts.

Like madras in the summer? Instead of these:

Try these:
4.  Replace a (yes, very comfy) shapeless tee, with a more structured (and equally comfy) piece.  A little tailoring can go a long way toward making you appear more polished.

Save this for the gym:

And try this, instead:

Or this:

Or this:

5. Accessorize!  It doesn't have to be fussy or take more than a few seconds.  Put on a necklace and a cocktail ring or some earrings and a bracelet.  Or put on a pretty watch. And unless you have a baby with grabby hands, you don't have to save the dangly fun stuff for parties.

Instead of your barely-existent studs, try these:
Instead of your daily bangle, try this:
Instead of your tired, tiny chain with tiny charm, try this:
Now that we have that problem solved, what's next? Hit me up with your questions!

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