Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colors We Love

We heart red, black and gray. Not only is it a classic color combo, it is seasonally appropriate and flattering on a lot of people.

This outfit is on a fabulous woman who graciously allowed me to post her image.

Outfit details: the dress and shoes are from Chadwicks, I didn't get the details on all of the rest...

Why is works: the red near her face draws the eye upward; the line where the red meets the gray is well placed to emphasize a small waist; the length is modest but still shows off her legs and the fabulous shoes. The tights ground the outfit and keep is seasonal. LOVE the shoes- they are suede if you couldn't tell...

What it needs: it doesn't need much...I might switch the short necklace for something longer.

Dress is up: a large cocktail ring and chandelier earrings would be fab.

Dress is down: lose the tights and swap the shoes for wedges or flats.

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