Monday, October 6, 2008

Recessionista Round Up

News Flash: Top Ten Tuesday is out, Recessionista Round Up is in.

1. Save Yours Pants! Try Zakkerz
What are they? Directly from the website: a temporary pant roll-up wrap used to hold pants that have been rolled up to a shorter length for flat shoes.

They are great. I have used them while commuting to and from work and they really do keep your pants rolled up and off the ground while you wear your commuting flats (note that I did not say "your ugly commuting running shoes). I have also used them when it is wet outside and I just didn't want my pants dragging in any gross puddles.

For $27-31 for a full set of 4 (2 for each pant leg), you are spending a little to prevent having to buy new pants and from looking bedraggled.

Please note that these are primarily for commuting, not as an alternative to actually getting your pants tailored to a proper length.

2. Host a Clothing Swap!
Gather several friends and puts everyone's closet rejects out for the others to try. That red dress that is too long might be perfect on someone a bit taller. And her tiny tees might not fit over her bust but they could be your ideal weekend uniform.

The more friends the better, to have a larger range of sizes and styles. You can do a more focused swap, too, such as accessories only or evening/party dresses.

Free, aside from the vino I suggest having on hand.

3. Do a little online research. There are lots of sites that compare prices for you- here are a few:

Online research will cost you nothing but time.

4. Try something different. Scoured the Target racks 10 times this season already? Try out stores like Kohls or Sears. They get less press than Old Navy and the like, but might have what you're looking for with a price tag you can stomach.

5. I have said it before and I will say it again: Shop during a sale. And when you buy full price, keep an eye out for a subsequent mark down. Many stores will give you a price adjustment within 14 or even 30 days of your purchase.

Now, who do we know with store discounts?

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