Monday, October 27, 2008

Recessionista Round Up

A few tips, hot off the presses:

Hot Tip #1: Leggings are not pants.
In an effort to save cash, many women are wearing their leggings as pants. If you tell me that it's for a reason other than budget, I will be ill. If I see one more woman's arse in her leggings, I am going to lose my shit. Treat all leggings as tights and wear them under your skirts and dresses, as god intended.

Hot Tip #2: If it doesn't button across your chest, it doesn't fit.
I know, I know- you found such a great deal on that crisp white button down and you can't wait to wear it with everything you own. It fits your shoulders, your waist, and only pulls a LITTLE across your bust.
I sympathize but I still don't want to see your middle button pop open at work.
Do everyone a favor and 1) buy a shirt that fits, 2) buy one that fits your bust and get it tailored for your shoulders and waist, or 3) stop buying button downs. I don't wear them for this very reason and I have never once had a problem finding appropriate clothes for work.

Hot Tip #3: Shoe Pavilion is going out of business.
If you have one near you, go already.

Hot Tip #4: Sigerson Morrison is designing (cute!) shoes for Target. Anya Hindmarch is designing (really cool) handbags for Target. And Issac Mizrahi has some (great) dresses at Target. Converse One Stars are (rockin' it) at Target. Do I really need to say more?

Hot Tip #5: Smart Bargains has some amazing deals on some really lovely designer handbags and clutches right now. Like Via Spiga, Cole Haan, and Charles David.

Hot Tip #6: If you need to buy yourself a little happy, Overstock has hundreds of rings for under $100. Woo hoo!

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e dub said...

in an effort to not wear pants i like to use leggings. however, i would never just wear leggings with a t shirt, which i think is what you're refering to.