Monday, October 13, 2008

Recessionista Round Up

It's that time of the week, people. Your recessionista round up this week is a list of pieces to consider if you don't already own them...

1. Wide leg trousers or jeans
Don't lie. You know you've thought about it. If you don't already own a pair of wide leg trousers or jeans, GO TRY SOME ON. In the right size, with the correct rise, they will probably be fab. The idea is that by balancing your hips with a wide leg, you will appear longer and leaner.

Some exceptions: If you are really short, these will likely make you look shorter. If you are really short-waisted, a high rise with a wide leg will look pretty damn 70s.

Remember that extremes are hard to wear. If you go with a slightly flared or wider leg, you will get the effect of the wide leg without having to "pull off" a super wide leg look. Proportion is important, in case I wasn't clear.

A warning about embellishment on pants: the less subtle it is, the cheaper and likely more juvenile the look.

2. Leather jackets
Chill out, I'm saying put it on your Christmukkahkwanza list.
Retailers will be begging your bf/cousin/mom to take their merch off their hands, so help them out by giving Santa a head's up now.

But seriously- a leather jacket, your favorite scarf, and jeans- you know you want to. Not to mention the mileage you'll get out of it during the week.

3. Evening clutch
I know I keep repeating myself, but if I see one more woman carrying her tote/giant hobo/diaper bag into the bar at night, I will lose it. So if all of you carrying your hideous backpack-sized monstrosities would get out of my way when I am trying to order a damn martini, I will shut it.

There are super cute and functional clutches at EVERY price point, so don't even tell me you don't have the cash. I got a really great black satin one from Target for $15 and it holds an iPhone, keys, credit cards, cash, and lip gloss. Okay!?

4. Lucky Magazine
I know it's not a piece of clothing, but get over it.
By far the best magazine about shopping and style, so if you are looking for fresh ideas, this is is the one for you. I don't agree with everything in each issue, but 90% is still an A.

I think you can get a subscription for $12 or $15 right now...

5. Long cardigan.
Be careful with this one. The chunky cable knit looks great on the 6'3", size 2 model, but on most women they look revolting. Consider a thinner knit, in a color you rock, with a long, lean silhouette. Belt it if you do the belt thing. Keep it unbuttoned for the best elongating column effect. And pay attention to length- this is one time when mid-thigh or longer is actually a good thing. Just above or below your hips means you're just wearing grandma's cardigan from the 90s. This is basically a dress in cardigan form.

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