Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reunion Rant, Volume 1

So, picture one of the ugliest, most offensive New England Prissy dresses I've ever seen, add some I Have No Imagination So I Wear My Mom's Jewelry pearls:

...and finish everything off with I'm Over 30 So I Guess I Should Wear Blocky Sandals Now shoes:

And you can now picture half the people I was seeing at my bf's 10 year college reunion last weekend.

I'm not saying I didn't have fun. I'm just saying that when you are going to see people you likely haven't seen in 10 years, don't you think about the impression you are making, even a LITTLE bit?

And then there were the people who clearly over thought the whole affair. Prom wear at the outdoor summer party? I mean, I know there was a DJ and everything, but the whole part about this not being high school or even a sorority event didn't dawn on you?

Someone was wearing a pale pink prom dress, I shit you not. Sort of the result of these two having a Pale Pink Sweetheart Neckline 80s baby:

Top things off, literally, there was a woman with her hair done and hair sprayed within a inch of its life who also saw the need to add a gigantic (I'm talking the size of a man's fist) flower to the side of her head.

A nightmare, really, but a people watcher's dream...

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Mira said...

Could it be east coast smarty pants style and you just aren't familiar? hee hee...